New Mutant Monday Series Two #86 - Roiders

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 10d6 in communities, 1d3 in the wild
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’) / 120’ (40’)
AC: 5 or by armor / 9
HD: 6 / 20
Attacks: By weapon, or 1 bite, two bashes and 1 kick.
Damage: By weapon or 2d12+3d6, 3d8+3d6 / 3d8+3d6 / 4d8+3d6
Save: L6 / 20
Morale: 8 / NA
Hoard Class: 1d4 randomly determined melee or ranged weapons, 1 suit of non-technological armor, 30% chance 1 suit of artifact armor, 65% chance of 1d2 high-tech weapons, I, II, VI,  X, XV (coin only)

These are mutant humans who appear to be regular humans, indistinguishable from Pure humans or un-mutated humans. They have the same range of size and weight, skin, hair and eye-color, physical builds and so forth.

What sets them apart is they have the ability to transform into gargantuan, grotesquely muscled, barely sentient hulks whenever they get angry or if they choose to do so. When this transformation takes place, the best thing to do is run.

For the most part the humanoids live in small villages, content in living the simple life – farming, gardening, raising sheep, cattle, and other domesticated animals. They are also simple wood-workers and smithies, although the first and most obvious clue regarding their true nature would be their homes. They are typically constructed of simple materials which are easily replaced – log cabins, stone huts with thatch roofs, that sort of thing.

Life in the village is always kept tranquil and people do their absolute best to keep from losing their tempers. They tend to try and keep strangers away, and always have patrols out to discover would-be raiders or interlopers, and try to deal with them ahead of time.

When they do lose their tempers, or when they change voluntarily, things get ugly, fast. First, they grow to over 12 feet in height, and they become grotesquely muscular. Their strength increases exponentially, and their flesh becomes completely immune to all forms of slashing and puncturing attacks. Psionics, toxins and energy can and do still harm them however. To make matters worse, their intellect drops to that just slightly better than an animal. They seek to destroy whatever caused them to grow angry, and when the instigator has been dealt with, they will turn their rage on their fellows, or on anything hand. So one going all enraged could conceivably destroy an entire village – and as such, the reason they always construct their homes from simple to replace materials.

Furthermore, if losing all mental control and becoming physical monstrosities was not bad enough, they lose all their clothing. Nothing can survive the transformation, and if they are foolish enough to be wearing armor, they will suffer 4d8 points of damage during the transformation. This has the bad habit of destroying the armor in the process, and if it is artifact armor, the damage inflicted is double! They are smart enough never to use Powered Armor as a result of this.

Typically when they change, the transformation takes 1d4 rounds, and they are vulnerable to regular damage while in the throes of the change until the second to last round, at which time the invulnerability kicks in. The rage and transformation will last until whatever caused them to change is dead, driven off, or until they are killed. Once the cause of the change is gone, then they will revert to their normal bodies in 1d6 minutes.

Even though they are incredibly stupid when they are changed, for some unknown reason their Will Power goes up and harming these creatures with mental attacks or psionics does become more difficult. The average creature has a Will Power of 2d6+4, but when they change they have a Will Power score of 3d6+6.

Also during the change, they will grab and eat anything they can get their hands on. The body has such a hyper metabolism, the food can and will cause regeneration. For every three points of damage they inflict with a bite attack, they will regenerate one hit point of damage they have sustained.

The creatures gain a +5 to hit with all their attacks when they are in the new form, but their AC drops by 4 points, although this typically is not an issue due to how dense their flesh becomes. Also when they are transformed, the creatures will never have to check moral, as they will always stay and fight until they or their opponent is dead.

About one in fifty of these humanoids will hire out as mercenaries, and they always warn would-be employers the danger they represent. Due to how powerful they are when they are merely mindless monsters, many employers will send them to engage their enemies completely alone, knowing the damage they can and will inflict will often be worth the high price these creatures demand as payment.

Mutations: Immunity (all physical damage), improved Physical Attribute (strength), metamorph (modified)

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