New Mutant Monday Series Two #84 - Atama Ni Shika

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d8
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 6
HD: 2
Attacks: 2 bites or 2 horns, 4 tramples
Damage: 1d4 / 1d4 or 1d6+2 / 1d6+2, 1d4+1 / 1d4+1 / 1d4+1 / 1d4+1
Save: L5
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: N/A

These mutant deer are found almost exclusively in the wastelands of North America and Japan. It is rumored they have been spotted in the wilds of what used to be the massive country of Russia, and considering how shallow the waters have become across the Bering strait, it is very possible this is the case.

The creatures appear as if two deer embryo’s merged in the womb, becoming a single creature. They share a pair of heads, and eight legs. The mutants still retain the same size, typically standing about four feet at the shoulder and can weigh in around 200 pounds. They are significantly faster than their ancestors, and unlike the typically timid creatures which dotted the plains, forests and other locals, they are no longer like this… instead they have become aggressive hunters.

These creatures have developed a taste for blood and flesh, and no longer feed on grass and other vegetation. They use their chameleon epidermis to its full effect, allowing them to lay in wait for prey to pass, and get a surprise on a 1-3 on a d6.  They get a pair of bites each round, and are able to attack four times with their sharp hooves. They can opt out of the bite and instead use their horns, which inflict greater damage and will cause the target to bleed 1d4 points of damage per round, per gore attack, until the wounds are bound (typically requiring 1 round per wound). They do not use this attack very often as they prefer the taste of flesh and blood in their mouths, and will only do this if their target is far tougher than they anticipated.

To make matters worse, these beasts are completely immune to all types of energy attack, which includes sonics, radiation, laser, and so forth. If this was not bad enough, they also react quite strongly to any type of psionic attack. If they are subjected to a psionic attack which inflicts damage, they take no damage, and in fact will gain additional hit-points based on the damage they sustained, and there is no limit to the amount of additional hit-points they can gain. Furthermore any psionic attacks which do not inflict damage but have effects such as fear, the attacker must make a pair of successful mental attacks, due to the creature’s having multiple heads.

The creatures travel in small herds, although rumor has it there have been vast herds of hundreds spotted on the ruined Great Plains. Such rumors have also stated how the monsters will attack entire settlements and kill each and every person in the settlement, consuming the flesh until nothing is left but cracked bones.

Many tribals have learned how to domesticate these creatures and use them as guard animals and  hunting companions, although they have to be raised by the tribals nearly from the moment of birth, or it is very likely they will turn on their would-be masters and more often than not, kill and consume them.

Mutations: Aberrant form (extra parts, natural weapons), chameleon epidermis, dietary requirement change (blood and meat), immunity (all energy attacks), regenerative capability (modified).

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