New Mutant Monday # 80 - Land Bobbet

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 1
HD: 2 per foot of length
Attacks: 1 bite or ram
Damage: See table.
Save: Hit dice +2, maximum of 20.
Morale: L11
Hoard Class: Incidental

This creature used to be a predator found only in the depths of the ocean. Radiation and other toxins released by the final wars affected its genome and mutated it so that its ancestors are now capable of living on the land, where they continue to hunt and terrorize the unwary.

Other than becoming capable of breathing air, and growing to incredible sizes, the creature looks very much like it did before radiation altered it. The average sea-going specimen was around two to three feet in length. The largest specimen that had ever been encountered grew to a length of over ten feet.

The mutant, land-dwelling versions have been seen to grow up to forty feet in length! These massive mutant monsters are the bane of travelers, as they tend to stay near trails and roads, although they do prefer sand, loose soil and other terrain that is easier for them to burrow through.

The creatures can move quite readily overland, and at great speeds, but it is when they are burrowed and lying in wait that they are the most dangerous. They will surprise on a 1-3 when they attack.

When attacking, they have a single bite, and the damage inflicted is based upon the size. There is also a chance that the creature may swallow whole, the maximum size of the target to be swallowed and the chance. Anyone swallowed by this creature will suffer 3d6 points of acid damage per round, and they must cut their way out of the inside of the monster. The interior is still considered AC 1 due to the thick shell it possesses and the victim must inflict at least 20% of the creature’s total hit-points to escape.

Sometimes the creature will leave its burrow and physically slam into a target, inflicting not only bash damage but slashing damage as well, as the exterior of the monster’s exoskeleton is covered in numerous sharp barbs, which it uses for burrowing and movement.

Anyone bitten by the creature and not swallowed will be considered grappled. The creature Strength is based entirely upon its size, having a base of 5 plus one per foot in length. Those who are successfully grappled will take the creatures bite damage every turn without requiring a roll to hit.

Grappled victims will be dragged into the hole the creature has made and consumed at the creatures leisure. The holes are always five times the creature’s length, and are typically perfectly vertical, making ascending from the lair difficult.

Hit Dice

Bite Damage

Swallow Size

Swallow Roll

























Mutations Aberrant Form (natural weapons), chameleon epidermis, gigantism, unique senses (vibration sense)