New Mutant Monday # 65 - Gamma Turtle

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 30’ (10’) Land
                     90’ (30’) Water
AC: 0
HD: 30
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 claws (only in water), or radiation eyes
Damage: 4d6+12 or 6d6+14 / 6d6+14 or class 10 radiation blast (see description)
Save: L20
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: N/A

Some believe that this creature is a further mutation of the Glowing Turtle, since they possess similar properties, although no one has been able to prove this to be true or false. Unlike the Glowing Turtle, this creature’s shell does not glow odd colors. It is a dark green, so dark as to be almost black, with tan spikes on the side and top. The rest of the creature’s flesh is a lighter shade of green.

Due to its massive size, the creature typically stays away from the shore, where its weight is a serious drawback. It will only come to shore to lay its eggs, and that is only once every three years after mating in the ocean.

The average turtle is around twenty feet in length, and can weigh in a massive 10 tons. It has an incredibly tough shell, which can easily withstand almost all types of damage, having a total damage reduction against all attacks except energy of 50! Even energy attacks have a 25% chance of being randomly deflected.

On land this creature can deliver a devastating bite, and will swallow humanoid-sized or smaller creatures on a roll of 18-20. This is a terrifying prospect because of how incredibly difficult it can be to escape the stomach of the monster. Anyone swallowed will suffer 4d6 points of acid damage per round, and all items must make a saving throw versus acid (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 1 for more information) or suffer 1d3 condition levels of damage. The only way to escape is to cut out from the stomach, which means getting through the incredibly tough shell. The creature does not have quite the same damage reduction from the inside (only having 20), but at least 50 points of slashing damage must be inflicted in order to escape.

As if this was not bad enough, the creature can fire a blast of high-intensity radiation from its eyes once every 5 rounds. This is a class ten radiation blast, which stretches in a cone that starts out at 5 feet in diameter and widens an additional 5 feet for every 15 feet it travels. It has a maximum range of 60 feet with a final width of 20 feet at this maximum distance.

The creature is likewise immune to radiation, but is very vulnerable to poisons! Anytime it is subjected to a poison attack, it suffers a -4 penalty to the saving throw and takes an additional 50% damage from any damage inflicted.

For the most part the creature is content to be left alone. It is actually a herbivore, eating plants found in the depths of the ocean. It is also very curious, often attracted by lights, and even more so by radiation, which it tends to bathe in. If it encounters radiation, it will heal any damage it has sustained at the rate of 1 point per radiation class per turn. The creature is otherwise unaggressive and will only attack if itself is attacked.

Mutations: Energy ray (modified, radiation), immunity (radiation), gigantism, reflective epidermis, regenerative capability (modified), vulnerability (poisons)