New Mutant Monday # 51 - Octoids

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d3 or 20d10 in communities
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150’ (50’) swim
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks:  by weapon or 1d4 tentacle slaps
Damage: by weapon or 1d6+1 per tentacle
Save: L14
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VII, XI, XIV

It has been debated for many years the actual origin of these creatures. Some believe they are the result of the Uplift virus, octopi having mutated by the virus to take on a humanoid appearance and intelligence. Others believe they were genetically engineered using a DNA combination to create a chimera of humans and octopus.

The creatures themselves could care less their origins. They are the masters of their environment and have little or no love for surface or land-dwellers. Although they are not openly hostile, they do not like intruders into their domain, although they often will allow those who are traveling to simply pass unmolested.

Those who stay to hunt however are confronted and given a choice. Leave whatever they have poached and as quickly as they are capable, or fight. Those who leave are then carefully monitored, typically at a distance. If they return to repeat their acts of poaching, then the creatures will attack with the full intent to kill.

They also know of the Iruka and Saal Jyu. They are on neutral terms with the Iruka, never helping nor hindering the species, but they are mortal enemies of the Saal Jyu, since they are hateful predators who acknowledge no sovereign territories.

As a species, they live in fairly large communities, typically inside the wrecks of ancient ocean-going vessels or in large coral reefs. Sometimes they also build communities in the huge kelp forests that are so commonly found along the shores of most continents. They never live more than a dozen miles or so from shore, preferring the shallow waters for the excellent fishing that can be found there.

Although they are not openly friendly, they will sometimes trade with surface dwellers or land dwellers for land-based delicacies they simply cannot easily obtain on their own. They are always purely neutral, and never make friends or form alliances with those who breath oxygen, who they believe are inferior to them.

They cannot move on the land, and can only go above the surface for short periods of time, no more than three turns before they must submerge. They can potentially ‘drown’ if they stay above the surface.

Speech is also impossible for these creatures, as even though they have human features, they cannot speak. Fortunately for them, they are capable of using telepathy so that even the typical language barrier is not an issue for them.

If forced to engage in combat, they will attack using spears or tridents, sometimes having discovered water-proof melee weapons left by the ancients. They also use spear-guns for long range attacks, and are more than capable of using their natural tentacles if forced to. On a natural 20 with a tentacle attack, they are capable of wrapping the tentacle around the neck and squeezing. The victim is allowed a saving throw versus death. If the save fails, the creature will inflict 4d6 damage per round. If the save fails, then the victim will suffer 2d6 points of damage, but the tentacle was incapable of wrapping successfully. While grappled, the victim is allowed to try and break free, which requires a strength versus strength check, with the creatures tentacles having a strength equivalent of 18.

If pressed, these creatures have two more attacks they can use. First, they are able to perform a powerful mental thrust every three rounds. This will inflict 5d6 points of damage and the victim must make a saving throw versus energy or be stunned for 2d6 rounds. The second is if they are losing, they can produce a large cloud of ink. This ink will fill the water surrounding the creature out to 50 feet. Anyone caught inside the cloud will suffer 1d6 points of acid damage per round until they are free of it. Those trapped inside likewise cannot see and are effectively blind until they are able to escape. The creatures can use this cloud only once per day.

Mutations: Aberrant form (chimera, natural weapons), neural telepathy, mental thrust (modified), toxic weapon