New Mutant Monday #3 - Living Skeleton

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d10 (6d12)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 180' (60')
AC: 7
HD: 8
Attacks: 2 (weapon)
Damage: By weapon
Save: L8
Hoard Class: X (x2), XX (artifacts only 75%), XXI (artifacts only 50%), XXII (artifacts only 40%)

These mutant humanoids appear as nothing more than skeletons. That is because their skin as well as muscle and all internal organs (including the eyes) are completely invisible to the naked eye. The result is that they are usually terrifying to behold and many creatures view them as pure monsters.

Many of the these humanoids take advantage of this, and are more than willing to go into combat naked, as the sight of a skeleton advancing on a target has caused many an enemy to flee in terror.

These mutated humans live in small family groups and small communities. As is the case with all other intelligent humanoids, their personalities, motivations and outlook vary from person to person. There are good and bad members of this mutant group, as there are with other humanoids.

They openly deal with other communities and both pure humans, humans and mutant humans without prejudice. Whenever they deal with these groups, these humanoids use clothing as well as heavy makeup and even paint to make them appear as either pure humans or mutant humans (some like to use garish colors) and either use glasses, sunglasses or contacts to make it appear that they have eyes (which are otherwise invisible).

Unless they are exposed to copious amounts of water, the disguise can last for days on end and many don’t even realize they’re dealing with such creatures. The only aspect most people find odd other than the skin coloration is that they have absolutely no body hair, not even the females.

When they engage in combat the un-disguised appearance of these humanoids will cause anyone viewing them to save against death. If the saving throw fails, the victim will be filled with such primal terror that they are forced to flee from the humanoids. This will be at their maximum speed in a random direction for 1d8 rounds. If the creature isn’t capable of fleeing, they are paralyzed by the fear and cannot act for 1d8 rounds.

These humanoids are incredibly fast and are capable of making two attacks per round with whatever weapon they are using. Although they are loath to do so, they are capable of using all types of armour. Despite using armor or clothing, even their uncovered skulls are often enough to cause terror in those who see them. These victims gain a +4 to their saving throws. The less the creature wears, the less the bonus. For example, if a skeleton was wearing only pants, then the bonus would be +2.

These humanoids are adventurous people, and are not afraid of taking risks, and as a result many families and communities have access to many artifacts, treasure and weapons. Few ever go wanting for even the most basic luxuries.

Oddly enough, these people have no fear or hatred of the Living Ghouls and often form lasting friendships with the creatures. Many wasteland scholars feel this is because they are viewed as monsters by many tribes and groups in the wastes and are considered to be undead, despite the fact that they are very much alive. Cross-breeding between both humanoids is not uncommon. Offspring have a 50-50 chance of being from either parent.

Other scholars believe that they were created by the ancients at the same time because, like the Living Ghouls, these humanoids appear to be un-aging, and none have ever been reported having died of old age. Violence in the wastes however, claim more than enough of the creatures.

Like other humanoids, these creatures have the same gestation period, and the young grow at the same rate and reach sexual maturity at the same time. It is very easy to see if a female is pregnant, as the bones of her child are quite easily noticed, floating in what appears to be the mid-air around where her abdomen would be.

Mutations: Extended life span, fear generation, quickness, transparent skin (special).