New Mutant Monday # 28 - Shivans

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 or 6d10 in communities
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 90’ (30’)
Armor Class: By Armor with a bonus of -3
Hit Dice: 12
Attacks:  6 weapons
Damage: by weapon type
Save: 12
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: I, II, V, VIII (85%), XII, XIII, XVI (weapons only). Always armed with six weapons of any type.

There are those who believe these mutants originated in India and have made it across the deadly Pacific Ocean, looking for a new home. Why they have chosen to leave the land of their birth is anyone’s speculation – but there are those who believe it is because of their appearance.

These mutants are tall, lithe, blue-skinned and multi-limbed with long, black hair and red eyes.  They appear to be the physical embodiment of the Goddess Shiva - also known as the Destroyer of worlds.  It is this reason many speculate they have come to North America to escape persecution. Then again, maybe they just wanted to get away from the inferno heat of India to cooler climates in order to raise families. Of course it could have a lot to do with a rather unfortunate mutation they possess…

Only a few hundred currently live along the West Coast of North America, most of the mutants having settled further south where it is warmer. They live in rebuilt structures along the coast and try to stick to their own business. Rarely will they trade or deal with outsiders, but over the past few years that has changed due to several factors. First, they require fresh genetic stock in order to keep their bloodlines strong. Second, they need food, which they have been having trouble procuring on their own.

These creatures are the antithesis of life when it comes to plants. They have an aura, which radiates ten feet out from their body. Any plant caught in this aura must make a saving throw versus death or die – no matter how many hit dice or hit points they possess. The plant must make the saving throw every four rounds until the creature either leaves, or the plant fails and dies.

Farming is nearly impossible as a result – they simply cannot grow plants, period. Plant-life which is already dead will not decay faster in their presence, so they can still consume plenty of vegetable matter – which as fates would have it, they must have to survive.

One method they use to procure vegetable matter to survive is by hiring out their services as teachers and mercenaries – the latter only when the community is in dire straits. They will however agree to help fight dangerous and deadly mutant plants, only if they are allowed to keep the corpses in order to consume the matter left.

As a people, they are very quiet and soft-spoken. Unlike the goddess they resemble, they are not horrible monsters bent on death and destruction. Quite the opposite – they are very peaceful. They value knowledge above all else, and are always willing to trade whatever they can to obtain books and other forms of media in order to learn.

If forced into combat, they are far from helpless. They have six arms and their brains have mutated along with their bodies, allowing them to make six attacks per round. It is not uncommon for these mutants to be found wielding six swords, or six handguns or any combination of weaponry.  When it comes to preference, they do like to use ranged weapons, as they gain a +4 to hit with any ranged weapon, due to their great dexterity. When given a chance, they are always willing to talk or try to work out differences peacefully.

When it comes to families and mates, they are firm believers in bigamy. A female will take whomever she is attracted to and mate with that male until she becomes pregnant. The male is not expected to stick around, nor is he even welcome. Instead after she gives birth, the child is raised by the entire community. The child knows its birth-mother but rarely ever discovers who the birth-father is. Thankfully enough, there is no inbreeding possible, as even if the unthinkable happens and incest occurs without either parties knowledge, they are infertile with one another.

When a community has had too many incidents where there are simply not enough different members, they will seek males from outside to come and mate with their women. They only want pure humans or un-mutated humans for this purpose. Those with mutations will simply not be able to impregnate the females.

They have the same gestation period as un-mutated humans, and the offspring grow at the same rate as normal children, hitting puberty between  9 and 14 years of age. The males are perfectly capable of mating with humans and pure humans, and when this occurs, the offspring are always Shivans. After the birth, the males will pay the mothers to take their child back to the community to live with their people. Very rarely does the mother ever object.

Mutations: Aberrant Form (multiple limbs), bizarre appearance (blue skin), dietary requirement change (plant matter only), increased physical attribute (dexterity), toxic weapon.

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