New Mutant Monday # 23 - Cannabaceae

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d12
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 2
HD: 8
Attacks: 2 thorns or 1 cloud
Damage: 1d6 / 1d6 or special
Save: L8
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VI, VII, VIII, X

Well before the final wars and the fall of civilization, the province of British Columbia was home for many illegal cannabis grow-ops. This lasted for many decades until at long last the Canadian government finally saw the folly of their actions and decided to collect on the ‘cash cow’ selling legal cannabis. The once illegal grow-ups were suddenly brought into the fold and although the growers did not make the kind of money they did before legalization, they were far from destitute.

BC continued to be the home for most of the cannabis grown in North America. After the fallout settled and the survivors crawled out from their shelters, nature still thrived, and so did the plant.

Like many creatures effected by the Uplift virus, as it turned out, this plant was ripe for mutation and a new race quickly sprouted and began to take over their former farms across the Pacific Northwest.

These creatures took on a decidedly human-like appearance. They tend to be tall, green-skinned men and women. The hair is really nothing more than the leaves, and they can grow the leaves on their bodies to provide modest cover. The females are especially prone to change the color of their leaves, making them appear to be more attractive.

They are as intelligent as humans and have set up communities and small societies across the mountains and islands along the coast of what used to be British Columbia and Washington. These beings have developed a relationship with the plants and trees in their home and craft magnificent structures, using their special bond with plants. All the structures they create are purely organic in nature and they abhor the creation of structures using dead plants or even stones.

They will openly trade with other groups, offering the literal fruits of their labors in return for fertilizer, clean water, and protection. The creatures are pacifists, and as such do not like to engage in violence. If someone or something is threatening them, they will gladly hire mercenaries to deal with the threat.

If they are forced to engage in combat, attackers soon discover how difficult it is to harm one of these creatures, simply due to the structure of their bodies. What appeared to be a clean blow may have torn through leaves, but rarely cause any permanent damage. They are able to use natural weapons (a large, deadly thorn from each hand) if forced to engage in combat, and have developed a special cloud. This cloud has many different effects on those who fail a saving throw versus poison.

Any fruit or vegetable grown by these creatures will always produce the maximum results (in crop yield, effect and so forth). As such, they are widely sought-after to trade and the fact they mainly want water or fertilizer make these creatures very popular to trade with.

Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism) (natural weapons), increased intelligence, toxic weapon

Hallucinogenic Gas


The creature is capable of producing a gas. This gas will cover a 30’ radius, centered upon the creature using the gas. Those caught in the radius effect must make a saving throw versus poison or suffer a random effect (roll on the table below). This saving throw must be made every round the victim is exposed to the gas, and even once the victim has left the effective area, the gas will continue to effect the victim for 2d4 rounds.

Returning to the gas will under the effects will not require another saving throw, but the effects will remain as long as the victim is in the gas. The cloud itself will dissipate in 1d6 minutes (or less, depending on wind conditions). The mutant can use this gas once every hour.

Hallucinogenic Gas Effect Table


Type of Gas




The victim cannot engage in any sort of combat while under the effects



The victim will instantly stop what they are doing, sit down and eat any food in their possession.



Everything the victim sees is hysterical and is helpless with laughter, incapable of movement or attacking and defending.



The victim is hit by sudden, crippling depression. They are at a -2 to hit, saving throws and damage while under the effects.



The victim mistakes allies for enemies and will attack them until the target is killed, the victim is rendered unconscious, or the effects wear off.



The victim will instantly begin to try and have sex with the nearest member of the opposite sex (unless they happen to swing the other way). Armor, clothing, everything will be removed. If multiple victims fall under the same effect, it’s one giant orgy.


ML Chooses

The Mutant Lord chooses the effect.

Please note the image is of the Sylvari race from Guild Wars 2. Need to give credit where credit is due! =)