New Human

Chris Van Deelen

as the fact that evidence points to the fact that these creatures themselves were at one time pure humans leads many to believe that there is some sort of unknown process that transforms them into the New Humans.

The communities are always located in ruins, rebuilt buildings or underground vaults, redoubts or fallout shelters. Any time they are encountered in ruins, the structures are always under repair and it is clear that these creatures are quite skilled when it comes to structural engineering.

Although they are not truly evil, these creatures are bent on domination. They use their weapons as well as their superior tactics to take control of entire communities, using those they don’t kill as slaves or food, unless there are pure humans in the mix. They disappear, and strangely enough the ranks of their swell.

Most of these creatures are somewhat slow, only the leaders have human or greater intelligence. The Behemoths have intellect that is only slightly above that of a dog’s and the Behemoths have a temperament that matches that of a rabid dog at that.

Some of these mutants don’t agree with the plans of the majority and will leave the community, but these deserters are treated as that, a deserter and are hunted down relentlessly by the rest of the community until they are killed.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (yellow skin, hairless)(d), dietary requirement change (living flesh)(d), immunity to radiation, increased physical attribute (strength), natural armour.

Source: Fallout 3 (2008)