New Human Nightstalker

Chris Van Deelen

creatures will not use armour or clothing. When they use their mutation it covers only their physical bodies, and this doesn’t include any adornments, equipment or weapons.

In the unlikely event that one of these mutants becomes visible, if they have a chance, they will flee. Due to their aversion at being viewed, they must make an immediate moral check or flee. If they succeed, they will stand and fight - using whatever weapons are available to them.

Like their cousins, these mutants have a nearly insatiable appetite for living flesh, and quite often if they have managed to inflict enough damage to incapacitate an opponent, they will begin to eat their enemy right then and there. Seeing a companion or friend losing huge chunks of flesh to an invisible creature is truly unsettling to anyone witnessing, and thus adds to the mythology surrounding the creatures.

Strangely enough, they are able to see one another when invisible. Scholars speculate that it is just a side effect of their mutation. But to make matters worse, they are able to see anything that is invisible, not just others of their own kind. As for their aversion to being looked at, this doesn’t apply to other members of their species.

Despite the differences between themselves and other New Humans, these mutants get along with their cousins, and often work as scouts, shock troops and assassins for their cousins.

Thankfully there have never been any reports of Night Stalker Behemoths.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (blue skin, hairless)(d), chameleon epidermis (special), dietary requirement change (living flesh)(d), immunity to radiation, increased physical attribute (strength) natural armour, unique senses (see invisible)

Source: Fallout New Vegas (2010)