New Human Behemoth

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1-2
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: -2
HD: 30
Attacks: 1 weapon or 2 punches or 1 kick
Damage:  Weapon type (+ 3d6 if melee weapon) or 3d10+3d6 / 3d10+3d6 or 4d8 + 3d6
Save: L10
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: VII x3

Shortly after the appearance of the New Humans in the wastelands across the globe, variations began to appear. Without a doubt the most dangerous New Human that has yet to be encountered by anyone traveling the ruins is what many have dubbed the Behemoth.

Physically, this variant shares all the traits of the New Humans. They’re completely hairless and sexless, although they appear to be all males, and they have tough skin that is a sickly shade of yellow.

What really sets these creatures apart from their kin is the fact that they are easily three times the size and many times the bulk. Your average Behemoth stands at 18’ in height and a lightweight can be around 2000 pounds, with 3500 pounds the norm.

Unlike many of the other New Humans, many of which have human or better intelligence, these mutants are only slightly more intelligent than animals. Some have the intellect of children and other than being incredibly dangerous in combat, would rather live quietly and simply, if not for their never ending hunger. There have been reports of these creatures even playing with simple toys like stuffed animals, but this has yet to be confirmed.

When they engage in combat, they typically will charge at its opponent, using massive clubs and shields to devastating effect. Some blows from a club wielded by them have been known to cause far more serious wounds than that of many pre-war weapons. Single blows have been known to kill a target.

Their incredibly tough skin makes it difficult to damage, and due to some strange quirk of genetics, despite these creatures having such low intelligence, they have incredible willpower, making a lot of metal attacks all but useless. For all intent and purposes they have Will Power of 18.

Another aspect of these creatures that makes them so incredibly dangerous is that they are hungry all the time. They have a massively increased metabolism and as a result need to feed nearly non-stop.

Fortunately for the creatures, unlike their much smaller and more numerous kin, they don’t have to rely on fresh meat. They can eat any sort of organic food as long as it isn’t rotting in order to survive.

When they can’t get enough food to eat, their bodies tend to shut down and the creatures go into a state much like hibernation. These creatures must consume 50 pounds of food every 6 hours or for each hour they go without food, they have a 10% cumulative chance of falling into this state of hibernation.

While in this state, nothing but the scent of actual food will bring them out, and once they awaken, they will have double speed and all damage they do in combat will be increased by 50%. This lasts for 1d6 rounds,