More Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

In addition to the new spells, I have a few ideas that should make vivimancers different from other kinds of magic-users.

Name Allergen

Level: 4th

Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round per level

Range: 50'

This spell alters all the spores and pollen within a 20' diameter sphere. Any creature within the sphere must save versus poison or suffer a sneezing fit. Those afflicted have a -4 to hit and +2 to armor class. Spellcasters can not cast spells except for those with instantaneous casting times (q.v. Feather Fall).

Name Alternation of Generations

Level: 8th

Duration: permanent

Range: touch

With this spell, the vivimancer can combine two or more species into one. The result is not a hybrid, but rather a series of morphs. One creature reproduces not its own, but the next morph. Most of the time this results in something like a catterpillar/moth kind of life cycle but it can become very complex with multiple creatures added to the mix. Each creature can save versus spells to avoid the effect and if one saves, the whole process fails. Smart vivimancers do this in pairs and add other creatures (or pairs) with subsequent castings to avoid the chances of failure.

Name Analyze Alien

Level: 6th

Duration: 6 turns

Range: 10'

Though Indentify Species works for native creatures to a world, it typically fails for aliens, outsiders and the weirdest aberrations. This spell allows the vivimancer to study such creatures, learning their biologies (if any), abilities and powers.

Name Animal Sense

Level: 2nd

Duration: 1 turn + 1 turn per level

Range: caster

The caster gains one special sense with this spell. It can be a bat's sonar (blindsense), a worm's ability to sense motion (tremorsense), a wolf's ability to smell (scent) or something similar. Vivimancers with scent can track as a 1st level ranger.

Name Beast Learning

Level: 4th

Duration: 6 turns + 1 turn per level

Range: caster

The caster gains the instincts of wild animals with this spell. For the duration, the caster can find food and water (if there is any to be found), sense danger (suprised on 1 on a d8) and otherwise survive in the wild. They also lose their ability to cast spells and speak in anything other than a grunt or simply panomiming.

Name Blood Bloat/Remove Blood

Level: 3rd

Duration: permanent

Range: touch

Blood Bloat triples the amount of blood in the target unless a save versus spell is made. This can have two different effects. In those dying from physical wounds (less than 0 hit points), the recipient heals enough to get to -1 hit points. It isn't enought to stablize but it keeps the character alive for a few more rounds. In those without wounds, it causes bloating. The body swells and the victim loses d4+1 points of dexterity. Each point can be regained when the victim suffers 3 points of damage. The reverse spell, Remove Blood, takes away half the target's blood. It also has two possible effects. For those suffering from blood poisoning, it allows a second save. For everyone