More Druid Spells

Derek Holland

The more I think of holes in the druid spell list, the more ideas I get. Here are 15 more spells of most of the levels.


Scent Blood

Level: 1

Duration: 1 turn/caster level

Range: caster


The druid can smell blood, allowing them to easily track wounded creatures. The spell can also be used to identify individuals if the druid has encountered them before (bleeding or not).


Detect Landquake

Level: 2

Duration: 1 day/caster level

Range: 2 miles/caster level


This spell allows the caster to pick up on the vibrations that occur hours to days before a natural landquake occurs. The general direction of the epicenter and strength of the quake is provided. It can also pick up on Earthquake spells as they feel different to the druid.



Level: 4

Duration: 1 turn/caster level

Range: 30'


The druid can make one living creature per caster level glow with this spell. Unlike Faerie Fire, the recipient can control the amount of light produced, from a candle to a lantern. This spell is common in the deep ocean, allowing for communication. On land, druids occasionally use it to make plants and animals seem unnatural or allow them to communicate in a very different way. In other words, plants and animals can talk to each other without the druid having to translate.


Scent Pheromones

Level: 2

Duration: 5 rounds/caster level

Range: caster


Many creatures use odors to communicate. This spell allows the druid to pick up on these conversations but does not allow them to respond. Common species are easy to understand, especially those the druid has been around for years. Druids finding themselves outside their home territory (different region, underground, another plane, etc.) can still smell something but may not understand or misunderstand what is being communicated.



Level: 3

Duration: special

Range: 10'


Dissolve allows the caster to break down a substance or object and store it in water. It has no effect on creatures, even constructs. The object is effectively destroyed and can not be discovered with Scry or similar spells. The spell is also needed to restore the object to its original state. In addition to the object, which can be no more than 10 pounds per caster level, there must be at least six times its mass in water. This spell is one reason Portable Holes are popular with some druid communities.


Transmute Air

Level: 6

Duration: 1 hour/caster level

Range: 120'


The druid can turn air into any gas they know of. The air can be made corrosive, inert, combustable, light (like helium) or anything else the druid may have encountered. The spell produces a shell 30' in diameter and the effect is contained within. It can be cast on an object, creature or location. If the object is held, its weilder can make a save versus spells to negate. The same save applies to creatures. Explosive gasses can only be ignited once per turn and the resulting inferno should do no more than d8 points