Monstrous Hybrids: Hag-Born

Michael O. Varhola

Following is the Hag-Born, a dark character race that ties in with William T. Thrasher's bestselling "Monstrous Hybrids: Three Halfbreed Character Races" ! Creatures in that mini-sourcebook include the Beast-Kin, Half-Ghoul, and the shape-shifting  Vardoger (which also appears as bonus content on this site). A fifth sort of monstrous hybrid, the  Dhampir, appears exclusively on d-Infinity Online.

Every society tells tales of strange children born with innate magical talent and awareness of the supernatural. Other tales exist of children born because of an act of magic itself. The childless cobbler and his wife who bargain with an old crone for a child, fairy children left on the doorstep, or unfortunate babes chosen as successors of magicians of terrible power and reputation. In the case of the hag-born, those unfortunates descended from the twisted hags themselves, many of these stories are true. 
___Physical Description:  The hag-born all bare some mark of hag blood, be it stringy hair, skeletal frame, twisted nose, or prematurely rheumy eyes. Typically of slight build and stooped posture, hag-born are otherwise indistinguishable from human stock, though those with supernatural insights are quick to spot the difference.
___Society: The hag-born are simultaneously the most reviled and most revered of the monstrous demi-races. For every hag-born slain in her youth for suspected witchcraft, there is another who grows into a respected member of her community, often as a healer or sage. Their natural magical aptitude circumscribes the roles they are likely to have within human society.
___Relations: Hag-born are often born into open arms, the miraculous child born to the barren couple, the babe left on the doorstep. For their part, hag’s care nothing for their children until such time as they can be apprenticed and brought into the wicked ways of hag-kind. It is for this reason that hags are so eager to visit their hybrid progeny upon mankind. It ensures a steady supply of potential hags, each one capable of furthering the cause of misery and manipulation.
___Alignment and Religion:  Hag-born are most comfortable worshiping the natural world, the old gods, and the darker forces of life and death. Natural druids, the hag-born’s emotions are powerful and cryptic things. A Neutral hag-born is a rarity. A select few hag-born, fearful of the legacy of their monstrous parent, dedicate themselves to the worship of Good deities in the hopes that a life of virtue will protect them from the legacy of their inhuman ancestry.
___Adventurers: Hag-born are most often seekers of knowledge and mystical power. Drawn to and at one with the supernatural, they swell the ranks of druids and sorcerers. Practicing magic on an instinctual level, hag-born wizards are rare. 
___Male Names:  Adair, Bram, Garnock, Iver, Lorne, Nathair, Seumas, Trahern. 
___Female Names:  Cameron, Coira, Fia, Inghean, Kerensa, Laren, Maira, Nathaira, Owena, Rhiannon. 

___+1 Strength, +1Dexterity, +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma:  The Hag-Born share the rugged characteristics of their monstrous parent, but are marked from birth as being something “other”.
___Medium: Hag-Born are Medium creatures and have