Mole Rat

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 4d10
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
                      Swim 60' (20')
AC: 7
HD: 1
Attacks: 1 Bite
Damage: 1d4 & special
Save: L1
Morale: 3
Hoard Class: None

These mutants are simply larger mutant ancestors of the naked mole rat. These creatures are quite the pest to the inhabitants of the wastes, as they can be found anywhere and get into everything.

Physically, they are huge, most being around 4 feet from end to end, and weigh in around 80 pounds. They are as ugly as sin and have a terrible odour about them, one that most wasteland inhabitants can recognize instantly.

In combat, these creatures have one main attack. They have a nasty bite, that even though it doesn’t do too much damage, the teeth of these mutants are laced with metal (which they must consume) and, given enough time; the rats can chew through just about any material known to man.

The other side effect of the bite from one of these creatures is that the victim must make a save versus death or become infected by a disease. After all, these mutants live in filth for the most part. The Mutant Lord must determine the type of disease the creature is infected with.

These creatures like other rats, are social animals and live together in small colonies. They are literally found everywhere just like their ancestors would be, but these creatures don’t like rats. They hunt down and exterminate rats of all types. Scholars speculate that it is because of the competition rats present to the Mole Rats dominance of a location.

This mutant lives for about 10 years and reaches maturity after 6 months. Females are capable of breeding at any time after they reach maturity and have a gestation period of 2 months. They give birth to litters of 3-12 pups at a time.

They also have a unique ability to sense any type of edible food within 100’ of them. It doesn’t matter what kinds of barriers are between them and the food, they know where it is. This sense also allows them to know if the food is contaminated and if it would prove to be deadly to them.

There are some tribes that keep a number of these mutants for just this purpose. They use the rats to help them track down edible food, and use them to keep contaminated food from being introduced into the community.

These mutants are not typically a suitable source of food, because of the diseases they carry. Only those with immunity to disease or know how to properly prepare the rats ever use them for food. And those that do so only consume the creatures when there is no other alternative. It is said that the meat of this mutant is quite repulsive.

Mutations: disease carrier, disease immunity, gigantism, new teeth, unique senses (special).

Source: Fallout 3