Mire Lurker

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 3d6
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 60' (20')
                    120’ (40’) Swim
AC: -1
HD: 6
Attacks: 2 pincers
Damage: 2d4 / 2d4
Save: L6
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: Incidental

These heavily armoured mutants are the descendants of King Crabs that were exposed to heavy doses of radiation and managed to not only survive but thrive as an entirely new species.

These mutants are humanoid in basic shape and stand about 5’ in height. They weigh well over 200 pounds due to the very tough exoskeleton that covers their fragile organs.

They always make their lairs and nests around bodies of water. The drawback is that these bodies of water always have to be slightly radioactive, as these mutants cannot live without small doses of radiation (which they are immune to but something about their genetic makeup requires the harmful energy). Fresh water will cause actual physical harm to the creature and they avoid fresh water as much as possible.  Each round that the creature is in contact with fresh water the mutant will suffer 1d6 points of damage.

The lairs of these creatures are always natural caves or submerged ruins, and the creatures are typically spread out throughout their lairs. Any treasure is purely incidental, typically left over from their victims.

Although not inherently evil, they don’t like or trust other creatures. They view most other creatures as food. These mutants are in fact intelligent and have been known to use tactics in combat as well as have been known to plan raids against communities that are near their lairs, either for food or to simply try and force other creatures off the land they consider to be their personal territory.

In combat these mutants will use their two powerful pincers to inflict as much damage as they possibly can against a target. Their incredibly tough shells make them nearly impervious to damage, but occasionally a chink can be found and exploited.

Amazingly enough, the flesh of this mutant is very tender and flavourful and even more amazingly enough, it is not radioactive. On the contrary, some tribes and other groups of the wastes actively hunt them for their meat, as it has healing properties. Anyone consuming at least 1 pound of the meat will gain the benefits of the Regeneration mutation for 48 hours. The eggs of the Mire Lurker are coveted even more, as each egg will produce the same effect but will also confer immunity to radiation for 4d6 hours.

All the creatures are female. Each lair has 1 Mire Lurker king for every 5 females. Every female is able to produce a clutch of 2d4 eggs once every 3 months’ time. The eggs are laid in the radioactive water and take 31 days to fully mature, at which point they hatch.

It takes the young 3 years to reach full maturity, but mortality for the young is very high… typically less than 20% survive to reach maturity, the rest succumbing to predators, accidents and disease – or worse.

Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism), epidermal susceptibility (fresh water), immunity