Lorecall Spells for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Derek Holland


1- cyphers created hide in plain sight. Only those trained can see them without the assistance of magic.

3- cyphers created can be made for individuals. No one else can read them even with the assistance of spells under 9th level.


Animal Lore Lorecall

0- know traits. In other words, the recipient can effectively read the book and know everything about one species of creature. This knowledge fades when the spell ends.

1- recipient can lure and charm creatures of one specific species. This is limited to those creatures with less hit dice than the caster. The creatures drawn have saves versus spells to avoid the charm (but not the lure).

3- recipient can lure and charm mutants. The recipient can draw creatures of a specific species with desired traits not normally seen in said species. This allows the player to add some minor bonuses and supernatural abilities to the creatures drawn. They still have the save versus the charm effect.


Astrology Lorecall

0- automatic success with navigation checks. This spell also provides a +10% bonus to Augury castings.

1- recipient can see and benefit from the stars and other bodies when underground.

3- recipient can effectively "move" stars to ensure better results from divinations. The exact results are up to the DM.


Gem Cutting Lorecall

0- gems never decrease in value (i.e. it is impossible to fail the check).

1- gems triple in value.

3- cutting techniques can be applied to other kinds of stone, resulting in unusual (and usually very valuable) gemstones.

Convergent Task- if the recipient is also under Blacksmithing Lorecall at the 1 slot level, they can create geodes, thundereggs, vugs, etc. and they can repair broken gemstones.


Obviously not all NWP should have a Lorecall spell, but most of them can. I avoided weapons, armor, alchemy and herbalism because I didn't want to get into the magical abilities that those Lorecalls may result in. It is up to you if those spells may augment or even replace the existing rules for magic item creation.