Lorecall Spells for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Derek Holland

Recently I got the reprint of the 3e Spell Compendium (never got the original) and as I was reading it, I found a trio of spells that really got my attention. More than the monster making spells, more than the shadow plane tainting spell. The Lorecalls are spells that are enhanced by skills. The spells have additional powers with X and Y number of ranks in a specific skill. I like the idea so much I decided to work up how they could be applied to non weapon proficiencies (NWP) for the two editions of AD&D (and adapted to OSR games that have similar skill systems). I also have a few suggestions for convergent tasks, first introduced in Experts 3.5.

The format is the spell name and if the character has 0 (i.e. the spell by itself), 1 or 3 slots in that NWP. This is short hand because some NWP have an initial cost of more than one slot. So 1 is the character having the NWP and 3 is two additional slots beyond the initial cost. The level, class and duration (as in how long it takes to use the skill) are up to the DM to decide as their value can wildly differ in different settings. I suggest that not only do all the spellcasting classes have access to some of this spells, but that some can be cast on others so that the non-spellcasters can use them as well. For those of you who like psionics, these spells may be something to convert into powers. Or, at least for the non spellcasters, you might consider turning these into magic items.


Fishing Lorecall

0- if there are fish to catch, the result is enough to feed d4+2 people.

1- catches fish even in waters without fish and the resulting catch is enough to feed d12+6 people.

3- once per day one fish caught is magical. Its flesh may be treated as a potion (never poison or delusion) or the DM can come up with something else.

Convergent Task- if the recipient is also under the Animal Lore Lorecall spell at the 1 slot level, the amount caught triples. At the 3 slot level, 2 specific magical fish can be caught per day (i.e. the player decides the effect of the fish or fish flesh).


Fire-Building Lorecall

0- the fire can be lit in rain and with green wood.

1- the spell extends the lifespan of the fuel to 5X normal. Handy for torches.

3- normally non combustable material can be burned, including some metals and stone. If used for heat and light, they can last a very long time (years for a cobble).


Orienteering Lorecall

0- the recipient of the spell can not get lost as long as they can use their senses. This only applies to those who are awake and traveling. Teleporation and such negates this spell.

1- the recipient can find their way around hazards in the dark.

3- overland travel is 10 times faster.


Cooking Lorecall

0- all food cooked is