Chris Van Deelen

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook and co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement.

No. Enc: 2d8
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 4-8 (depends on armor)
HD: 6
Attacks: 1 weapon or 2 fists
Damage: by weapon type or 1d4
Save: L6
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: At least one firearm or high tech melee weapon, and possibly armor. Determined by Mutant Lord.

On the edge of the Mojave Desert, near where the mountains begin, there is a top secret military research compound. Originally it was hidden beneath a single mountain peak, but sometime since the final wars ended, something blew the top off the mountain and exposed the facility to the world. All that remains of the mountain is miles upon miles of rubble and a huge crater. Somehow, miraculously, the facilities survived unscathed. It was in this formally hidden facility that many un-ethical experiments were carried out by Ancient scientists. Even though centuries have passed, these experiments continue to this very day. It was rumored that beneath the peak in the walls of this horrible facility, creatures like the Cazador and the Night Hunters were born.

When the final wars erupted, the scientists found that they were trapped in this facility, although they were protected from the worst of the attacks that were meted out on the other military bases nearby. Still the radiation and toxins took a toll on the survivors and many began to succumb to cancer and other similar degenerative diseases. These scientists elected to have their organic brains removed and linked up to computers so that they could continue to live on and conduct their research.

Many of the facilities surviving support staff and assistants quietly disappeared during the first few weeks of this plan. After all, they needed to experiment on someone to perfect the operation and create the life-support systems they would require to survive the transition.

During these experiments they discovered that by using nanotechnology, they could keep the now brainless bodies fully functional, and that these brainless, unthinking automatons were in fact the perfect guards. Secretly they continued to amass a large number of these creatures until the remaining survivors began to clue into what was happening. By that time, they were incapable of stopping the progress of what the scientists called ‘evolution’.

Many fought, and paid the ultimate price, more were captured and subjected to the process that destroyed their brains but left the body intact so that they would join the growing ranks of these creatures. Still more managed to escape into the blasted and radioactive ruins that lay beyond the mountain, preferring to take their chances out in the wastes rather than face the horrors that hounded their every step.

Physically, these creatures appear to be bald Pure Humans and Humans (see Wisdom from the Wasteland issue 4: New Races for more information). They are typically dressed in either ballistic armor or other similar body armor, or are clad only in skimpy hospital gowns. Their