Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d3
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 3
HD: 18
Attacks: one horn, two claws, one bite or by weapon
Damage: 2d6+4 / 2d4+4 / 2d4+4 / 1d6+4 or by weapon +4 (if melee)
Save: L18
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: VII, XXII, always 1d4 melee weapons, 25% chance of a artifact melee weapon, 25% of a ranged artifact firearm.

Said to be a demon that has haunted the world since the beginning of recorded history, this creature appears to be a massive mutant human with huge horns, thick muscles and a face that radiates anger and hate.

In truth, the creature is a mutant human, but somewhere along its ancestry the members of the species took on the mythology surrounding their actual appearance and use it with relish.

These creatures feed upon negative emotions and are drawn to emotions like the hungry to the scent of a feast. Typically they are encountered alone, but sometimes they will work together, if an area is particularly filled with negative emotions. This could be anything thing from an area that has been hit by drought and the survivors are depressed or worried, to the lands surrounding a major battle or natural disaster.

The creatures possess several psionic mutations. They are able to animate objects, giving them life, in order to help with a particularly tough group or opponent. These creatures are always terrifying to behold, which helps keep the mutant humanoids well fed. They are able to speak telepathically with one another and possible victims. They can generate fear in anyone who looks upon them, and finally they are capable of opening portals to other dimensions.

In combat, they will always try to terrify a target. This requires a saving throw versus energy and if it succeeds, the victim will fall to the ground, cowering for 2d4 rounds. During this time, the creature will absorb the fear, healing 1d4 points of damage, and if they are fully healed, it each round of feeding will sate hunger for 2d3 hours. If there are those who resist this fear, they will fight and do so gladly. They have an impressive array of natural weapons at their disposal, but are not averse to using other weapons, although they typically will use large and terrifying melee weapons, as just the general fear that this cause will heal one point of damage per round.

Only creatures that are immune to the effects of fear or have no emotions will not feed or heal these creatures. As such, such beings are always targeted for death first, leaving the others for feasting.

When engaged in combat, they can, once per day, open a gateway to another dimension. When this happens, they will always open the gate within 2d12 feet of the most dangerous opponent. They will then grapple with the target and try to push it through the gate. The creature has Strength of 22 for this purpose and each round it successfully grapples, it can move the target 5 feet. The gate will remain open for 2d12 rounds and once the grappled victim is pushed into the gate, they must make a saving throw versus death. If it fails, they are pushed all the way through and cannot see the gate from the other side. They are forever lost in this alternate dimension, although the ML can build an adventure around their escaping this new plane of existence…On the other side of the coin, if the saving throw succeeds, they are able to see the gateway and can escape on their own.

If the creatures are well fed, they can easily live off the negative emotions generated by mass groups, such as victims of a war, natural catastrophes or other such similar occurrences. A single day near or among such people will feed the creature enough negative energy to keep them healthy and happy for a week.

Being telepathic and empathic, these creatures can actually be summoned. If someone harbors enough ill-will towards another person or even a group, this will act as a beacon for the creatures. It is up to the ML, but there is a 1% chance that someone can actively summon the creature through negativity, modified as the ML sees fit.

As to be expected, these creatures are highly intelligent and are not adverse to making deals with others, or even trading and opening relationships. Often they will work with dictators or warlords, as both are quite adept at generating the type of negative emotions that keep these beings healthy.

Once per day, they are able to animate objects through a strange type of possession. They can animate 1d4 objects at a time, and control them for 2d6 turns. Once the control comes to an end, the objects will become inert and they cannot use this ability for a full 24 hours. Note that these objects have no intelligence or moral, and as such cannot be affected by any mind-affecting mutations. The creature can control these constructs and can will them back to inanimate objects at will.


150’ (50’)






1 bite, 2 claws


1d4 / 1d6 /1d6



Mutations: Aberrant Form (natural weapons), dietary requirement change (negative emotions - modified), empathy (modified), fear generation (modified), horns, plane shift (modified), possession (modified)

Source: Krampus (2015)