Korean Amphibious Biologic

Chris Van Deelen

charging into a crowd, causing as much panic as they can and always go after the slowest and weakest prey. There are a few who have learned to lay in wait in order to attempt to ambush lone travelers or even small groups of creatures, but these are the exception, rather than the norm. One of the reasons the creatures are so bold is that they are quite resilient to damage due to the thickness of their hide - but they can be killed.

The creatures always nest in ruins, typically in old sewer systems or water ways and always make their homes near larger communities. Their lairs are always large open chambers where the bones of their past victims as well as the still sleeping recent victims are kept. Quite often valuable treasure can be found scattered around the lair, as the creature simply regurgitates anything that it can’t digest, as well as the items the creatures victims would have been carrying.

Some of the creatures are known carriers of a biological weapon. About forty percent are carriers and anyone that comes in contact with the creature must save versus poison or become infected. The Mutant Lord has to determine the type of disease the creature is a host to, and of course the mutant creature is completely immune to the disease. In fact, the creature is immune to all disease.

These creatures reproduce once every year. They are Asexual and simply produce a cluster of slime0-covered eggs that are transparent and the young can be seen growing inside.

The mutant creature lays a clutch of around 100 eggs and they hatch within 14 days of being laid. The young scramble out of the lair and typically only 1-4 survive to reach maturity, which takes about 10 years. The parent shows no concern for the young, ignoring them as it goes about its business.

These creatures use the waterways to travel, but they can and often travel overland for days on end. The slime the body produces protects them from drying out although they will avoid deserts as they can’t survive in them, even with the protective dermal slime coating. It should be noted that the mutant’s slime is the same class 9 toxin that it uses in its stomach and touching the surface of these monsters is a dangerous proposition at the best of times.  

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism), asexual, carrier (special), dermal poison slime (special), gigantism, immune to disease (special), toxic weapon (class 9 poison).

Source: The Host (2006)