Infectious Metamorph

Chris Van Deelen

over small portions of the community, and still other times it goes for all out control of the entire community.

When that happens, more often than not the members of the community quickly discover that something horrific is amiss and mass paranoia and fear breaks out, pitting everyone against the other, fearing that one or more might actually be infected by the creature.

The typical community infected in such a matter is typically either destroyed or completely absorbed into the hive mind intelligence of the creature in less than 72 hours.

In combat, these monsters will use any natural weapons or mutations of the creature it is imitating. If things are going badly for it, the creature will grow additional natural weapons, typically numerous claws and bite attacks, but will also use tentacles and even actual weapons.

The average creature has 12 hit dice and can create 1 additional natural weapon per 3 hit dice. It takes 1 round to produce 2 natural weapons, as it can't do it all at once. It can also choose to use mutations it has gained, using the same rules for natural weapons above. Once all mutations and natural weapons have been created, it can use all of them every round. Thus the other reason it is so incredibly deadly.

Every single creature that has been encountered to date had always employed a natural armour mutation that gives it very dense muscle covering the body, intermixed with a heavy bone layer. 

They can be hurt, they can be injured, but they also heal rapidly, literally changing their bodies to absorb the wounds, healing 2d8 points of damage they sustain per round.

There are two methods of dealing with the creature. First it is very vulnerable to fire or heat-based attacks. Any attack it suffers will do four times the regular damage. This damage can't be healed by its regeneration.

Cold-based attacks don't actually hurt the creature. First, it doesn't heal any cold based damage can't be healed. However, once the creature is reduced to zero hit points, it doesn't die. Instead it goes into hibernation. This hibernation will last until the creature thaws out completely.

If the creature is subjected to fire-based attacks, it will literally split apart, dropping portions of itself to escape if at all possible. It can create one drone per six hit dice and the drones have hit hit dice, the same AC and the same movement rate. These drones will attempt to hide if at all possible.

These creatures can also come together to create a larger and even deadlier creature. Two or more can combine their hit dice to increase hit points, number of mutations, natural attacks and so forth. It takes a single round for two of the creatures to merge.

Legends in the wastes tell of an infection of a small salvage community on the outskirts of one of the Ancient ruins that grew so massive that an actual antimatter weapon (a true city killer) was employed to destroy it as it had grown to the size of