Hunger Conditions (OGL/d20)

Michael O. Varhola

Following are two hunger-based conditions that can be used to reflect what happens when characters run out of food in role-playing games and help give some weight to decisions about how concerned adventurers should be about sources of food and the volume of rations they need to carry with them on quests. 

Hungry: A creature with this condition has trouble concentrating on anything but finding food and suffers a -2 penalty on all skill and ability score checks performed while not in combat until it eats something (which, if equal to at least 1/3 of the creature's normal daily food requirement, will remove the condition).  Hunger can be assumed to have set in a number of hours equal to half its Constitution since a creature has last eaten. A creature that is hungry long enough will eventually begin to suffer from starvation 

Starving: A creature that has been hungry long enough begins to starve, suffering -2 on all skill and ability score checks when not in combat. For every week that it is starving, a creature will lose 1 point from each of its ability scores.  The effects of starvation can be arrested if a creature has access to an adequate amount of food and will eventually reverse themselves as the creature regains lost ability score points. Starvation sets in after a creature has gone without food a number of days equal to its Constitution.