Harpoon (OGL/d20 Weapon)

Michael O. Varhola

The following weapon originally appeared in the Skirmisher Publishing  OGL/d20 sourcebook  Warriors and we have posted it here for the convenience of our readers in general and those enjoying the  "Dagon" entry of our "H.P. Lovecraft d20" project in particular. 

Harpoon (Exotic, Cost 10 gp, Damage 1d10, Critical x3, Range Increment 10 ft., Weight 9 lb., Type Piercing)

This long, heavy, barbed spear can be used in both hands by a character with martial weapon proficiency, just as if it were a longspear. A character must have exotic weapon proficiency with it, however, in order to make a ranged attack without penalty. If a harpoon inflicts a critical hit, it inflicts triple damage and impales its target. Once it has critically hit and thus impaled a target, a harpoon can be removed with a successful Strength check (DC 30), with +5 on the check for each hand a character can devote to it. Removing a harpoon in this way, however, inflicts 1d8 points of damage on its victim. If attended to at least 10 rounds, it can also be removed by a successful Heal check (DC 20), which inflicts only 1d2 points of damage.

A harpoon typically has a stout line attached to its butt end (although it can be detached), anywhere from 10 to 50 feet in length, allowing its user to exert control over a creature in which the weapon is imbedded. Such a creature can be made to suffer -2 on attack rolls and a -4 penalty to its dexterity, moves only at half speed, and cannot charge.