Grand Creation (LL AEC spell)

Derek Holland

Gavin Norman (The City of Iron blog) released a pdf on Labyrinth Lord/AEC arcane casters entitled Theorems & Thaumaturgy. Part of the file is spells for the illusionist and includes 8th and 9th level spells for those who want to give their 1e style illusionists magic equal to a magic-user. Grand Creation is my addition, an advanced version of the Creation spells as well as a modification of them. Instead of being Conjuration spells, I am making them Illusion spells that use Shadow energy, similar to Shadow Evocation and Shadow Monsters (the latter spell called Phantasmal Monsters in the AEC). In addition to the spell description, I added a side effect of Grand Creation that can be easily applied to Illusion (shadow) spells in any edition that has them. The spell is 7th level for those who use the 1e illusionist and 9th for those who want to use 9 levels of spells for the class.

Grand Creation

Level: 7 (9)

Duration: see text

Range: 100'

An advanced version of Major Creation, this spell allows the illusionist to create matter from energy from the Plane of Shadow. It has a casting time of 10 minutes per caster level and one object can be created per minute. The resulting objects can be no more than 10 cubic feet per caster level and they last 360 times longer than those created with Major Creation. Thus wood lasts for one month per caster level and the hardest metals 36 minutes per caster level. If the illusionist so wishes, they can dispel the items at will, selecting which items to dissolve. Items can also be modified with this spell, including extending the duration with multiple castings.

There is a danger related to using so much Shadow energy. When the items are dissolved, the energy does not automatically return to its plane of origin. It infuses into the lifeforms and objects nearby. Over time and with multiple castings of Grand Creation, the affected creatures slowly turn into shades (as per that creature) and items turn darker and may even become incorporeal with enough energy infused. The illusionist can use Shadow Walk to send this energy to its plane, but it must be cast within an hour of the object(s) being dissolved, otherwise it takes Alter Reality or Wish to undo the effects.