Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d3 (1d12)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 180' (60')
AC: 0
HD: 16
Attacks: 1 Bite or special (see description)
Damage: 5d6 or special (see description)
Save: L12
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: None

Graboids are massive burrowing creatures that move at astonishing rates beneath the surface. It is said that these creatures were deadly predators that lived millions of years ago, only to have died off. Without explanation these creatures made a re-emergence in the late 20 th century in the desert of Nevada and soon afterwards were found in the Middle East and the Deserts of Afghanistan, but this has never been verified. At this time they are only found in North, Central and South America.  For creatures of such a massive size, they are expert ambushers and often take their prey before the prey even has an inkling that they are in serious trouble!

Physically, these creatures appear as a long, ruddy brown slug (although albino's have been seen) with are an average of 14' in length and weigh around 1500 pounds, but there have been specimens discovered that are of truly monstrous proportions, being double in size, and weigh in at over 5000 pounds.

These creatures have very tough hides which are covered in small rock like projections that help them travel through the dirt and soil. There are no visible eyes on these creatures and their mouths are huge maws with three shovel like sections that open up to reveal a mass of tongues that look like eyeless horned snakes, each with a mouth of their own.

Graboids hunt by sensing vibrations in the ground (a version of echolocation) and will wait patiently for a creature to come close. If the victim has no way of sensing the Graboids, the creatures will manage to surprise a target on a 1-3. Typically, they hunt in small packs usually 1-4 but in an area where the hunting is good, as many as a dozen have been spotted.

These mutant worms have two main methods of attack. The first is they will simply come up from beneath a target and bite, causing hideous damage. Any creature medium sized or smaller will be swallowed whole on a natural 20.  Any creature thus swallowed will take 3d6 damage per turn due to the powerful digestive acids in the creature’s stomach. These acids are so powerful that they will even corrode the heaviest alloy. The only way for a swallowed victim to escape is by killing the Graboid, or by cutting its way out. The interior of the Graboid's stomach is very tough (AC 4) and a victim must do at least 25% of the creatures total hit points to cut itself free.

The creature’s second attack is the snake-like tongues. The typical Graboid has 1d4 plus 2 of these tongues and can attack with each one separately. The Graboid can do one of two things with the tongues... it can simply bite with them, causing 1d6 points of damage, or it can attempt to grapple a creature with them. A victim grabbed by