Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d12
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90' (30') Special (see description)
AC: 8
HD: 6
Attacks: 1 touch
Damage: Special (see description)
Save: L6
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: VI, XV

These creatures were first encountered in the ruins of Moscow, Russia during the ending phase of the final wars. However as the wars came to an end, they were soon discovered in other major ruins. Wasteland scholars are at extreme odds when it comes to exactly what these creatures are. Some say that they are mutants; others say that they are the souls left behind when certain types of weapons of mass destruction were employed during the Ancient’s final wars.

These creatures are only visible in low light conditions, and they appear to be men, women and children, mere shadows of what they were in life. One can see right through their bodies and for the most part these creatures remain motionless. It must be noted that thermal vision and ultraviolet vision will not reveal these creatures!

They are only found in areas where certain types of weapons were used, such as Neutron bombs or other weapons that caused massive damage to organic life but left structures relatively undamaged. The creatures that inhabit these locations can only travel within the specific area and cannot travel past the initial blast radius, so they are typically confined to a few thousand square feet in which they can move freely.

During the daytime the creatures are completely visible and are of no threat, but once the light disappears they begin to prowl the territory that they have become trapped in. They are attracted to the life-force of living humans and seem to crave it. Strangely enough, these creatures will ignore all other types of life-forms and will only try to touch humans, pure humans and mutant humans (as long as the mutant appears to be human). They will approach anyone who comes into their territory and attempt to touch them. This touch drains 1d3 points of Constitution and if the victim is dropped below 0, they die. To make matters worse, the organic components of the victim dissipate into what appears to be a cloud of black smoke, leaving any items or non-organic material behind.

And the ranks of the ghosts increase as a result.

Those fortunate enough to survive encounters with these creatures will find that any Constitution lost will return at the survivor’s natural healing rate per day.

Anyone who attempts to attack one of these creatures will quickly discover that they are impervious to all physical attacks. Only energy or psionic attacks will affect the creatures. Any other attacks will pass through them entirely. Light from a flashlight, torch or similar source will keep the creatures at bay, as they will not enter the circle of light. Stronger light sources such as spotlights or lasers will actually harm the creatures. Anything the size of a spotlight will paralyze the creature so that it cannot move or attack. This also prevents the creature from using its special energy-draining attack (see below). It should