Four Monster Feats

Michael O. Varhola

Following are four Feats that, while they could conceivably be taken by certain sorts of characters, are most suited for monsters of various sorts, especially those of an alien nature — and the first in particular would be well suited for creatures in science-fiction or post-apocalyptic settings, while the last was inspired by a scene near the end of the H.P. Lovecraft story "At the Mountains of Madness."


Eat Plastic [Sci-Fi]
A creature with this Feat, typically the denizen of a post-apocalyptic or environmentally ravaged world, can subsist entirely on various plastic products, to include things like discarded water bottles, shopping bags, and disposable diapers (and often dwells in dumps or other areas where such items are found in great quantity).

Prerequisite: Vermin type, Slime type, or Great Fortitude.

Benefit: A creature that can Eat Plastic not only enjoys the taste of various sorts of plastic, it can actually derive nutritional benefits from them and does not need to eat anything else if it does not care to (although some creatures with this Feat might be limited to eating  only plastic).

Special: A creature that can Eat Plastic might still need to be careful of things stored in plastic containers that it might not be able to safely digest (e.g., various toxins).


Hurl Substance [General]
An elemental creature with this Feat can throw or project portions of its substance as a ranged attack.

Prerequisite: Elemental type.

Benefit: A creature that can Hurl Substance can make a missile attack with a range increment equal to twice its Reach (e.g., 10 feet for a size Small or Medium elemental). Damage for this attack is a number of dice equal to damage for a regular melee attack by the creature in question, plus Str bonus, but of the next lower dice type (e.g., 2d6+7 rather than 2d8+7 for a Large Earth Elemental).


Split Nervous System [General]
A creature with this Feat has more than one functional brain (although this may not be immediately obvious to observers).

Prerequisite: Aberration or multiple heads. 

Benefit: A creature with a Split Nervous System has two brains and will not be killed by the destruction of one of them. A mutant reptile, for example, might have half of its nervous system housed in its head and the other half in its tail. If one of its brain centers of a creature with a Split Nervous System that does not multiple heads is destroyed, the creature's INT will be cut in half (rounded up), but it will regain points of this ability at the rate of one a week until it is back at its normal total if the DM determines that its nervous system would regenerate. 

Special: This Feat does not grant any regenerative or other powers (e.g., while a creature with a Split Nervous System may survive the removal of its head, this Feat will not allow it to grow a new one). 

Normal: It is assumed that multi-headed creatures like Ettins and Hydras already effectively have this Feat.


Swelling Momentum [General]
An amorphous creature with this