Flying Bison

Chris Van Deelen

only as a last resort, or in defense of their young.

These creatures mate for life, and if one should die, they never take another mate. Females are capable of mating at any time but they have a very long gestation period, typically being about 18 months in duration. Single calves are born, and they take almost 12 years to reach full maturity. These creatures can live up to 100 years before dying from old age, as there are few natural predators that can compete with them.

Although they can’t speak languages of other creatures, they have their own naturally guttural language that they use to communicate with one another. Other creatures can learn to understand this language, but few can actually speak it.

On occasion individual members of the species will develop a bond with a humanoid. This bond is all but unbreakable and the creature will stay by this individual for the rest of their life, being a companion as well as a mount. Like taking a mate, if something should ever happen to the Bison’s companion, they will rarely ever make this bond with another person.

Mutations: Aberrant form (multiple limbs), gigantism, increased senses (hearing, smell), psionic flight.

Source: Avatar: The Last Airbender series