Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
AC: 1
HD: 4
Attacks: 1 bash, 1 bite
Damage: 2d6 and see below, 1d4
Save: L4
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: None

Due to the unique toxins and radiation that were unleashed over the former country of Russia, many species of mutants were created that were not discovered in other locations across the globe.

Many domestic animals were wiped out by the effects of the final war, but many others survived due to the sheer numbers that could be found. The common pig, used as a staple food source in many countries, is but one of these creatures.

Named ‘Flesh’ by the survivors, these mutant pigs are not much larger than their un-mutated ancestors, but have developed thick hides interspersed with bony plates that provide them excellent protection against most forms of attack. They are without a doubt ugly beyond comparison and despite the bow-legged appearance can move quite swiftly and have been known to run down injured prey. Each has 2+1d3 eyes which are spaced un-evenly along the front of the skull over the nose and mouth. They have excellent vision and can see into spectrums that most other creatures cannot, and it has been discovered that despite the deformed nose, they have a sense of smell that rivals even dogs - thanks to the eyes! It was discovered that the eyes have olfactory cells as well as vision.

These creatures are also a great deal more aggressive than their ancestors, even more so than the wild boars that used to be hunted before the dawn of civilization. The creatures live together in small family groups with a single alpha male, who is the largest and toughest. The creatures are pure omnivores, begin capable of eating anything and everything that they find. Nothing they ingest will harm them, as it has been discovered that like many mutants found in the ruins of Russia, they are completely immune to toxic weapons of all manner.

In combat they will first attempt to ram a target and knock it to the ground. If the attack succeeds, then the victim must make a saving throw versus energy or be knocked prone. Every member of the pack will continue to ram the target to ensure that it stays down. The creatures then will try to bite the victim until it either dies or manages to regain its feet and flee.

Despite the hideous appearance of these mutants, they are still captured and domesticated for food by many tribes and communities across the vast ruins of Russia. The flesh is still highly edible and nutritious (as long as it is properly prepared). The eyes of the beasts are highly sought after as well, due to the fact that if they are consumed the person eating the eye will gain enhanced vision and smell ( thermal vision, ultraviolet vision, increased senses: smell ) for 2d3 days.

These creatures mate often and the female will gestate four months before giving birth to 1d6 young. The creatures mature within two years and