Chris Van Deelen

Mutant Humans , although because of their genetic structure, the offspring are always a a Feral, and never have any other mutations.  Also, another side effect of their powerful healing factor is that they are completely immune to disease, poison and radiation .

These Human Mutants will regenerate 6 hit points of damage per round and even if they are reduced to bare bones, they will eventually regenerate from this. If knocked unconscious due to being dropped below zero hit points, they will remain in that state until they have fully regenerated.

It is said that there is no way to kill one of these Mutant Humans , but destroying the body by any means, such as burning, dunking in acid until there isn’t a shred of flesh or bone left, dismembering and keeping the body parts away from each other will in effect kill the mutants.

They live together in small communities, typically far from other settlements found in the wastes. Although they can be found in all climates, they prefer to live in the foothills and mountainous regions of temperate zones. These communities are always rustic and tidy, the men and women preferring to use natural materials to create their homes.

They tend to live simple lives, hunting, and fishing, raising crops and tending to their own needs. They know their nature all too well and most would prefer to be left alone to raise their families and live in harmony with nature.

Because of their heightened sense of smell, they are excellent trackers and are able to differentiate between individuals due to everyone’s unique scent. Often this allows them to spot mutants that are using shapeshift or metamorph to disguise themselves.

They don’t shun technology though; they often use it in their daily lives and keep other weapons, including long range weapons and the like. They also are not above using vehicles when the need arises, but would prefer to use mounts such as horses.

Sometimes young members of the community will leave home in order to to hire out as mercenaries to the highest bidders. They will fight for years, amassing fortunes and trophies before they finally get tired of battle and decide to settle down and live a quiet life.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), disease immunity, extended life span, increased senses (smell), poison immunity, radiation immunity, regeneration (special), skeletal structure modification (metal lace)

Source: Wolverine and X-23 from the X-men comics.