Fallout Mutant Bear Statted for Runequest and BASH-SF!

Clint Staples

With the drop of the Fallout 4 Announcement/ Trailer, I am stoked to re-enter the Capitol Wasteland in a big way. So what better way to pass the time than to stat up an iconic critter from the game for Runequest or BASH-SF. And as a bonus, if you want a miniature of the mutant bear, you need go no further than Armorcast to get your very own, sculpted by little old me.


The mutant bear is one of the top predators of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fast, irascible, and always hungry, it has ended the career of many an emerging vault-dweller before it even got going. There are few encounters worse than a wandering yaoguai in Fallout, and one of those is two wandering yaoguai.

So without further ado, here is the Mutant Bear for Runequest, and for BASH-SF.

The Why of the existence of these creatures is lefrt up to the BM, but here are a few ideas.

In Runequest, certainly the mutant bear could be a chaos creature, possibly an alternate version of the jackobear. If so, it could [on a roll of POWx3 or less] have a chaotic feature [feel free to use my quick and dirty Chaos Feature table to generate one]. A pack of jackobears immobilizing some of the adventurers, while their mutant cousins tear into them in melee should rapidly become the worst nightmare of Runequest parties everywhere.

In BASH-SF, the mutant bear could fit easily into a post-apocalyptic landscape anywhere - the product of chemical, bio, or rdtioactive waste upon a top predator. In the Commonwealth of the Knights-Marshal setting, the mutant bear is a terror of the Mutagenic Wars that have raged on the planet Weyland for the last century. Once, the bears were bio-engineered scouts and assault troops under the command of the famed Gautland Rangers, the beasts have bred true and represent a growing danger to those who wander the grasswood-forests of the southern hemisphere.

If that does not suit your purpose, perhaps an ambitious big game hunter [like Jhyun Zharn] has stocked an out of the way moon with a few.