Even More Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

In addition to a few new spells, this time I add "professions". These are sort of kits and were introduced by Barrel Rider in their Smith and Scholar file. Unlike kits, these are fairly basic and add flavor rather than balance issues.

Name Extra Body Parts

Level: 4th

Duration: 1 turn +1 turn per caster level

Range: caster

The vivimancer gives themself an extra pair or limbs, eyes or extra fingers with this spell. Extra legs increase movement by 100%, arms increase the speed of lab work by 50% (as well as helping in climbing and holding extra gear), eyes decrease the chance of suprise to 1 on a d10 and fingers improve search checks search (find hidden doors as an elf, but with touch).

Name Fecund

Level: 3rd

Duration: permanent

Range: touch

The vivimancer touches an egg or pregnant female and increases the number of embryos within. For an egg, it increases in size by 30% and d3+1 creatures hatch from it. For females, the result is twins or triplets (75%/25%) or even more if the species normally has more than one offspring at a time. If applied to a seed, it increases the number of resulting plants as if it was an egg, but they have to be seperated soon after germination, otherwise they strangle and kill each other.

Name Living Rain

Level: 7th

Duration: 4 hours or duration of storm

Range: 2 miles

This spell only functions if there is an existing rain storm (natural or summoned). The vivimancer adds one species of creature with a size no more than 9" long (can include larvae and young) that will come down in great numbers along with the rain droplets. The area of effect is 1/2 mile in diameter. For every turn, creatures out in the open are struck with dozens of the raining creatures. This can be fairly harmless but annoying or it can be deadly in the case of venomous creatures. In both cases, a save versus paralyzation is needed to avoid d4 points of damage per turn. For venomous creatures, the save versus poison is needed very turn. In AEC terms, the venom can be no more lethal than class 4 (page 143).

Name Living Rock

Level: 2nd

Duration: permanent

Range: touch

An area of 100 square feet of bare rock gains the ability to support plant life as if it was covered in 6" of soil. The rock itself is transformed and soil eaters can consume it as if it was dirt. It does not erode like normal soil but rather like the stone it was created from. Vivimancers use this spell to transform caves, stony deserts and mountain tops so that they may sustain plants.

Name Reactive Slime

Level: 5th

Duration: 1 turn

Range: 60'

The vivimancer creates a creature similar to the green slime with this spell. It reacts with one substance selected at the time of casting. Usually vivimancers use it to destroy enemy gear (metal, glass, wood), structures (stone, wood), monster parts (scales, horns, claws, fur) or creatures in general (as per