Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Lawful
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: By armor
HD: 20
Attacks: by weapon or natural attack with +4 to hit
Damage: by weapon or natural attack all with +1d6 damage.
Save: L20
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: See description

Monsters and un-natural creatures have been part of human folklore since even before mankind crawled out of caves and began to congregate. All manner of creatures were created to explain what the folks of the day could not. Were-creatures, vampires, ghosts, zombies, all manner of monsters had their basis in events that humanity could not explain.

However even before the technology was discovered that allowed mankind to tinker with the genetic code of life, mutations were in existence. Some might argue that humanity would not exist without mutation. So many of the monsters of myth could be nothing more than mutants.

This particular breed of mutant is extremely rare, as they have existed almost as long as humanity itself. They are always female, and look perfectly normal, and can easily mingle with the rest of humanity and do so without any malicious intent or desire to conquer or control.

For most of their lives, they appear human, but every twenty or so years, their bodies reach a stage where they need to be re-born. They accomplish this by having sex with human males and become pregnant. After seven days, their bodies die as they give birth to themselves. The female genes are carried on, but the body takes on half of the genetic code of the father, so the offspring never look like they did before the change takes place.

They will know when the need to mate and become pregnant is close, as they will start to undergo startling and often horrific transformations. These can be reversed as long as they have access to stem-cells, which they can get from consuming the reproductive organs of males and females – but they do not have to be human, it can be of any species. Consuming these stem-cells (or taking a concoction or injection that contain the cells) will reverse the transformation, allowing them to become fully human once again.

At first the changes will take place once per week, for 2d6 weeks. They will always know its coming and will have dozens, if not hundreds of doses of cells available to them for consumption.

After this period is up, the changes will accelerate, coming every 1d4 days for another 2d6 weeks. Then the changes will finally come once every 24 hours until the creature is able to find a human and become impregnated.

If for some reason they do not have access to stem-cells, the changes will be permanent, that is until they are able to procure cells and consume them. Even if they have undergone the change, when they consume the cells, they will revert to their human form in 2d8 rounds, sloughing off extra body parts and even flesh.

Roll on the table below to see what form they take during the change.













They will always take on the physical traits of these creatures, such as in the case of amphibian the flesh will become slick and rubbery to the touch, the eyes will become huge, nose, hair and ears will disappear, and they will develop a long sticky tongue.

As they change they will also gain access to a number of natural weapons, and natural AC depending on the species. See the following chart for the types of weapons available.





Tongue (1d6) and 2 claws (1d4 / 1d4)



Bite (1d8) and 2 claws (1d6 / 1d6) and possible bleed (save versus death or suffer 1d3 points of bleeding damage per round until wounds are bound)



Bite (1d6)and fin-slap (1d4 / 1d4) and possible stun (save versus stun or be stunned for 1d4 rounds)



2d3 tentacles (1d6 damage) per tentacle. Each tentacle has a chance to grapple for automatic 1d6 damage per round with each. It is a Strength versus Strength check, with the creature having 10+1d8 Strength.



Mandible (1d8) and two slashing claws (1d6 / 1d6), 50% chance the mandible has class 1d4 poison as well.


These creatures are not hostile, nor do they wish to harm others, they simply wish to be left alone to study and live their lives. They are highly intelligent and even though they do not possess mental mutations, are very strong willed (having a Will Power of 14+2d4). If this was not enough, the creatures are effectively immortal, only dying through violence. They are completely immune to poison, radiation, toxic weapons and disease. Even if they are killed, they will regenerate eventually and come back to life, to continue as if nothing has ever happened, although when this happens, no matter how far they are away from the need to reproduce, they will instantly hit the 1 change per day cycle and will have to find a mate as soon as possible.

They are also typically rich beyond measure, having had thousands of years to procure wealth and store it all over the globe and even off-planet. This gives them access to the best armor and weapons, and will have uncounted wealth at their disposal.

Unlike many who would use this for personal gain and power, they do not care for such lifestyles. Instead they will just continue to accumulate and store their goods in secret. Sometimes they will donate portions of their wealth to groups or individuals they feel are worthy, but only if they use it for selfless purposes. Those who use the donations for evil always find their funds disappear and that their plans are laid to waste.

On very rare occasions, these creatures will fall in actual love with the human they mate with. When this occurs, they will not die and be reborn from their own bodies, instead they will become pregnant and after nine months give birth to a daughter. When this happens, they become mortal and no longer suffer through the changes that plagued their lives. They will have a normal human’s lifespan, although they will retain their immunities, but they can now be killed permanently, as they will not regenerate. When this happens, they will have as many daughters as they can, typically giving birth to between seven and ten girls, all of which will possess the same traits as their mother, and will change and be required to regenerate once every twenty years or so.

Mutations: Immunity (radiation, poison, disease, toxins), intellectual affinity (combat), metamorph (modified), regenerative capability (modified), unaging

Source: Spring (2014)