Enhance Potency: A 5E Alchemy Spell

William T. Thrasher

Enhance Potency

Level 1st

Casting Time 1 Action

Range/Area Touch

Components V, S, M (a drop of alchemical reagent)

Duration Instantaneous

School Transmutation

Attack/Save None

Damage/Effect Potion Enhancement

A potion that has this spell cast upon it is refined into a more potent form. All variable, dice-based effects of the potion increase by one die (e.g., an enhanced Potion of Healing restores 3d4+2 rather than 2d4+2 hit points, an enhanced Potion of Poison inflicts 4d6 rather than 3d6 poison damage, a Potion of Diminution lasts for 2d4 instead of 1d4 hours). If the potion has a set duration instead of a variable duration, that duration incereases by one (e.g. a Potion of Giant Strength lasts for two hours rather than one hour).