Druid Spells

Derek Holland

Dragon 119 has several articles on druids but the one that caught my attention is the cantrips. They included a few that inspired me to design some more spells of various levels (sadly, Labyrinth Lord doesn't use cantrips).


Name Species Sieve

Level: 3

Duration: 1 turn + 1 turn/caster level

Range: 10'


The druid creates an effect similar to Anti-Plant Shell and Anti-Animal Shell but only affects one species or taxonomic family selected at the time of casting (it must be a plant, animal or vermin). It is centered on the caster and moves with them. Any creature that tries to break through the shell finds it is impossible. This spell can not be used aggressively- if the caster does attempt to push a creature over a cliff, pin it to a surface, etc. the spell ends. A 6th level version can be used offensively and creates a shell 100' in diameter. That spell is occasionally used to make magic items to keep invasive species out of sensitive habitats.


Name Detect Footsteps

Level: 1

Duration: 3 rounds/caster level

Range: caster


The druid can put their ear to the ground and hear the footsteps of every creature over 10 pounds within 500'. As long as the caster has heard and identified the species before, they can do so again. The spell gives a general direction of the footsteps heard. A 4th level version includes wing beats. A 5th level version includes swimming. And a 7th level version includes all motion within 10 miles.


Name Skip Stone

Level: 2

Duration: instantaneous

Range: 10'/caster level


The druid can skip a stone on a liquid surface that is not harmful to the stone. If used as a weapon, the stone does d3 points of damage plus the druid's strength bonus. Some use it as a simple form of communication between those on opposite sides of rivers and ponds. A 5th level version increases damage to 2d6 plus the caster's strength and has a range of 100' per caster level.


Name Move Cobble

Level: 1

Duration: instantaneous

Range: 400'


The stone can only be moved an inch and it can be no heavier than 1 pound. Druids who live on mountains use this spell to cause a distraction. Creatures that fall for it suffer a +2 to their armor class for one round. A 4th level version can move a stone up to 200 pounds and can start an avalanche.


Name Steel Silk

Level: 3

Duration: 5 rounds +1 round/caster level

Range: touch


With this spell, the druid can make any silk as resiliant as steel (it is already stronger). This makes walking through spider webs impossible for humans and may even cause impact damage of anything runs into it. Steel Silk can be used to enhance the Web spell.


Name Create Ceramic

Level: 1

Duration: instantaneous

Range: touch


Druids hate burning wood in large quantites and have created a variety of spells to reduce their need. This spell turns mud into ceramic at a