Chris Van Deelen

of a Human's, although Pure Human women who mate with these Chimera still take 9 months to bring the embryo to full maturation.

Another odd side effect of the splicing of so many different species of animal is that they often go through a literal sex change. Sometimes it is voluntary, other times not. When they undergo the metamorphosis, they become lethargic and appear to be quite ill. Within hours, the Chimera appears to die, but in reality, the body shuts down most of its organs and the rest go into a type of hibernation. This usually takes several hours and during this time, the Chimera undergo the change, turning fully from male to female or vice versa.

These creatures have a long prehensile tail which is topped with a stiletto-like stinger. The stinger is hidden inside the tip of the tail until the creature feels threatened, at which time it will appear and even though the stinger doesn't do much damage, it will inject a deadly Class 12 poison.  If cornered the Chimera are also capable of defending themselves with a bite, or they can also use weapons but usually rely on their natural weapons or their ability to flee. For short periods of time they can double their movement rates (all of them) and attacks by using a modified version of quickness. This mutation works for 3d4 rounds.

Even though they don't have much in the line of hit points, they can quickly heal from most non-lethal wounds, including the loss of a limb because of their ability to regenerate. A lost limb will fully re-grow in 7-10 days.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapon - stinger, xenomorphism - amphibian lungs), complete wing development, increased senses (hearing, sight, smell), prehensile tail, metamorph (specialized), regeneration, toxic weapon (poison on stinger, class 12), velocity increase.

Source: Splice (2010)