Chris Van Deelen

or homes of these creatures are always very well hidden and are typically located in areas that other humanoids will not wish to travel, such as toxic ruins or the like. The homes reflect the mindset of these creatures and are often filthy and disheveled and in on themselves can be dangerous for people to enter. Often just stepping into the home of one of these monsters will expose the foolish victim to a saving throw versus poison or catch the disease that the creature carries.

More often than not when they are discovered, the locals burn the homes to the ground in order to purify the location.      

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (cannibalism, carrion or vampirism) (d), immunity to disease and toxins, increased physical attribute (strength), increased will power, mind reflection, possession (modified) toxic weapon (transmit disease), 1d4 additional random drawbacks.

Source: Outlanders series by Mark Ellis.