Chris Van Deelen

victim has been killed it takes the creatures only 3d8 turns to strip the body down to the bare bones.

If the victim can be rescued or manages to shake off the paralysis before the eggs hatch, they are easily (albeit painfully) removed. The eggs are visible as one inch sized black lumps, imbedded in the muscle tissue of the abdomen. Removing the eggs will inflict 1d3 points of damage for each egg.

The other and far easier way to rid the victim of the eggs is to expose the body to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, which will instantly destroy the eggs and save the victim from a horrible death.

Lastly certain area of effect weapon and mutations (such as vampiric field ) will kill the eggs instantly. The downside is that they may still cause harm to the victim.

Strangely enough the poison that paralyzes the victim also numbs all sensation so that the victim is fully aware of what is happening but does not feel any pain.

The venom of one of these creatures can be harvested and as long as it is kept out of sunlight or away from any source of ultraviolet radiation will remain potent indefinitely. But if it is exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation even for a single second, the poison turns into a harmless vapor.

The eggs can also be harvested. If they are ground up into a paste, this paste can be used to treat any sort of paralytic poison, instantly neutralizing the toxin and freeing the victim from the effects. This will also work on the poison injected by the creatures. Another side effect is that the paste will instantly numb any flesh that it comes into contact with, removing any penalties from pain (see Wisdom from the Wasteland issue 11: Optional Combat Rules for more information), and will reduce the damage sustained from surgery or removal of anything in the body by 1 point.

Mutations: Aberrant form (extra body parts, natural weapons), toxic weapon, vulnerability to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation (d)           

Source: Source: Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson AKA Repairman Jack series of novels.