Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 300’ (100’) Flying
                    60’ (20’) Ground
AC: -2
HD: 18
Attacks: 1 bite, 2 claws
Damage: 2d6, 3d6/3d6
Save: L18
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: None

Out of all the mutant monsters that inhabit the ruins of the great megopolis of Moscow, Russia, the most feared and hated are the monstrous mutant creatures aptly dubbed the Demon. The origin of these malignant mutant beasts is unknown. They have many physical characteristics of a bat, but also show the hunting habits and often act like predatory felines such as the tiger or leopard. This has led scholars of the wastes to ponder the possibility that they are in fact genetically engineered chimera’s, showing the characteristics of both creatures in one massive and highly deadly form.

Like many muscovite mutants, these creatures appeared shortly after the final wars ended and within a few short decades spread to cover all of Russia and a significant portion of Europe. They have yet to be encountered North America but many people fear that it is only a matter of time before they are seen over familiar skies.

These predators are huge, typically ranging between ten and fifteen feet from the tip of their bat-like snouts to the back of their hind-quarters and they mass over a thousand pounds.

They have two fully functional sets of limbs, although they are not well equipped for movement on the ground, but in the sky they are deadly swift, typically faster than most flying creatures. The wings are large and leathery, and although the bottom portion of their bodies are naked, the backs are covered by a thick black pelt. The heads are distinctly bat-like except they do not possess ears, just ear canals, much like that of a reptile.  The eyes are small and hidden by thick bone to protect from air-borne irritants and particles during flight.

Mating takes place once per year with the males fighting one another for the available females. This is quite the spectacle to witness, as many as several thousand of these creatures will conjugate together and the aerial displays of combat are not only ferocious, but absolutely terrifying to witness. It is not uncommon for dozens, if not hundreds of the creatures to die in these massive mating dog-fights. Once all would-be suitors for a female have been driven away or killed, the mating is quick and brutal. Six months later the female gives birth to a single kitten or pup, depending on whatever species one believes the creatures originate from. The youngling is cared for over the next four years. Once it has reached its full sexual maturity, it will then leave the female and join the hunt.

These massive flying predators hunt in small packs of up to four individuals and make meals out of anything they can get their claws in. Nothing on the surface is safe from these mutant monsters and when someone hears the distinctive tiger-like roar, it is best to go to ground as quickly as possible. They have little grasp of tactics,