d10 Freaky Fungi

William T. Thrasher

Mushrooms! Giant mushrooms as far as the eye can see! It's not a fantasy campaign setting without strange fungal growths. But any GM worth their essential salts isn't content to let fungus serve as a cosmetic background detail. Make every mushroom alien and exciting with the new table of unusual fungus traits. The next time your heroes enter a dank cave, alien landscape, or fungal forest, grab a d10 and get rolling!

  1. Necrofungus: Corpses exposed to the spores from the mushroom reanimate in 3d6 minutes and toil to cultivate more of the fungus. The corpse continues to decompose, eventually composting itself into a fresh fungal bed.
  2. Sticky Spores: The fungus secrets a sticky resin. If removed from the fungus or applied to a surface, the resin hardens like glue and resists all but the strongest solvents.
  3. Fireball: The fungus contains pockets of volatile gas. When disturbed, attacked with fire, or under threat, one fungal growth explodes in a multi-colored fireball to protect the others.
  4. Singer: The fungus produces sweet, chime-like tones seemingly at random. If enough of the fungi produce their tones at once, listeners may become enchanted and paralyzed by the alien harmonics.
  5. Ballistic Mushrooms: After 2d6 days of growth, or whenever the GM thinks is most dramatic, the cap of the fungus blasts off into the sky like a rocket, exploding at the height of its trajectory to spread its spores. Under the right conditions, a cluster of fungi can launch like a full scale artillery barrage.
  6. Shifter: When unobserved, this supernatural fungus teleports  up to d6x10 feet away to another unobserved location where it can thrive. This may include inside packs or bags containing things upon which the fungus can feed.
  7. Thaumavore: The fungus consumes magic. Any spell targeting the fungus has a 60% chance of being absorbed and metabolized. Any spell with a point of origin or a target within 30 feet of the fungus has a 30% chance of being absorbed and metabolized. Every time the fungus metabolizes a spell, it grows, increasing the change of absorbing spells by 1d4%.
  8. Flicker: The fungus produces shifting prismatic light, illuminating everything within 15 feet in a psychedelic light. If the fungus is threatened it reacts. There is an equal change it plunges its surroundings into darkness (negating natural and supernatural light), created hypnotic patterns of light to paralyze everything in range of its light, or produces rapid shifting strobes of light to trigger seizures.
  9. Honeyed: The fungus smells sweet and tastes delicious. The longer one smells the fungus, the more tempted they are to eat it. The fungus is highly nutritious and not poisonous. However, anyone who eats the fungus risks becoming addicted. Those addicted to the fungus are compelled to eat it until their stomachs burst, at which point the spores in the victim's stomach germinate.
  10. Floater: The fungus produces lifting gas and floats at the end of a fleshy tether. This gas can be harvested for use in alchemy, though the gas within contains spores that must be neutralized. If properly cultivated and fed blood, the fungal sacks can grow large enough to support the weight of a medium creature.