d-Infinity Playtest Monday #10: Swords of Infinity

Michael O. Varhola

In this segment of their ongoing adventure, the party breaks into the lighthouse lair of Charon the ferryman, battles Hellhounds, steals mirrors, betrays friends, and discusses naming conventions for crocodiles — and, finally, concludes that they are trapped in in the Underworld!

Join us for an exciting, fun, and sometimes hilarious session of the Swords of Infinity roleplaying game run by storyteller Brendan Cass and featuring Jeff Carucci as barbaric Elf Parthenia, Chris Leong as slovenly Dwarf combat engineer Trodecarn, Jesse Roy as fanatic of Poseidon Neleus, Sam Slusky as agent of fortune Desdinova, and Michael O. Varhola as alchemical rogue Paros.