Cthulhu Live/Call of Cthulhu Conversion Rules

William T. Thrasher

Throughout the scenario "One Starry Night" are references to Skill Tests and Sanity Tests. These tests assume the Keeper is running “One Starry Night” as a live action role playing scenario with the  Cthulhu Live 3 rd Edition rules. However, for Keepers running the scenario under  Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu  rules, some conversion between the two systems is necessary. With that in mind, the editors of  d-Infinity are proud to present these basic  Cthulhu Live/Call of Cthulhu  conversion rules.

Skill Tests

Cthulhu Live  makes use of many of the same skills as  Call of Cthulhu . Whenever "One Starry Night" calls for a skill test using a skill witch exists in both systems (Library Use, Occult, Psychology, etc.) simply resolve the test as normal. The same goes for skills with obvious equivalents, such as Fine Arts and Art. However, where no clear equivalent skill exists use the chart below as a guide.

Cthulhu Live <-------------------> Call of Cthulhu

Chemistry of Medicine <-----------> Pharmacy

Cthulhu Mythos <------------------> Cthulhu Mythos

Biology <----------------------------> Natural History

Brawling <--------------------------> Fist, Grappler, or Kick

Electrical Engineering <-----------> Electrical Repair or Electronics

Evade <------------------------------> Dodge

Long Gun <-------------------------> Machine Gun, Rifle or Shotgun

Police Procedures or Forensics <-> Spot Hidden

Psychology or Networking <------> Fast Talk or Persuade

Sleight of Hand <------------------> Conceal

Certain CoC skills (Disguise, Hide, Jump, etc.) have no counterparts in  Cthulhu Live . This is intentional and a direct result of the differences between LARP and tabletop play. When there is no clear equivalent between a  Cthulhu Live  skill or ability and those found in  CoC, default to an Idea, Know, or Luck roll.

Sanity Tests

Cthulhu Live 3 rd Edition makes use of a color-coded sanity system, hence the repeated references to Shades of Terror in "One Starry Night". When running “One Starry Night” as a tabletop scenario, use the following chart to convert Cthulhu Live  Sanity Tests to Sanity Loss for  CoC.

Shade of Terror <---> Sanity Loss

Green <-----------------> 0/1D4

Blue <-------------------> 1/1D6

Yellow <----------------> 1d4/1D8

Orange <---------------> 1d6/1D10

Red <-------------------> 1D10/1D20

With a minimum of effort the tables above can be used to convert other  Cthulhu Live  scripts into  Call of Cthulhu  scenarios. So if you're a Keeper with a hankering to run  The Island  or Muerte al Chupacabras!  for your tabletop roleplaying group, why not give it a try?