Chris Van Deelen

their Will Power in Intelligence. For example, the aforementioned rodents have animal Intelligence of 3, and the Controller has a Will Power of 18. This means that the mutant will be able to control 6 Pripyat Rodents at one time.

If for some reason this will not work, they are able to use a powerful modified version of Mind Thrust to shoot bolts of powerful neural energy at a target. The attack is treated as either a ranged attack or a mental attack, which ever has the best chance of hitting. If the attack succeeds, then the damage inflicted is 5d6+12.

These mutants take great delight in using their possession mutation to take control of single individuals and cause the hapless victim to go on killing sprees in their homes or villages. They will often target the most physically imposing figures they can find and are often able to inflict incredible damage before the victim is finally stopped. The vast majority of the time the victim is killed and the mutant controlling it gets away, able to inflict further torment and destruction.

This has earned the mutant a reputation for being incredibly evil and strikes fear into the hearts of Pure Humans and Humans. Sometimes this will lead to the potential victims leaving the territory of this mutant, other times it leads to them hunting the creature down in order to kill it.

More often than not this does not work out in their favor.

The homes of these mutants is always hidden from site, typically in the off the beaten tracks, where few ever venture. They enjoy their solitude and when they are not wreaking chaos on a near unimaginable scale, they like to live quietly.

If the mutations these monsters possess were not enough, they are always armed with powerful Artifact weapons and usually armor that will fit their bodies, but due to the misshapen heads they often cannot make use of the more advanced armor that can be found.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (d), increased will power, mental phantasm, mind thrust (modified), neural telepathy, possession (modified), quick mind.

Source: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games.