Combat Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

Today I have a lot of combat spells for the vivimancer, a few meant to be used offensively off the battle field and one meant to replace lichdom (Encode Mind). 48 in all (so 77 of my own creations for this class so far).

Name Animate Corpse

Level: 5th

Duration: special

Range: 10'

The vivimancer can revive recently dead tissue with this spell, no more than 6 rounds after death. The target is not brought back to life, its body is simply animated for a short time. The caster can make the corpse move and use one of its special attack one last time. This ability must be biological in origin, not supernatural. So depending on how the LL rules, it may or may not allow the use of a dragon's breath and similar attacks. The corpse will be animated for no longer than its hit dice or constitution score in rounds. After that, the tissue dies and can not be revived with this spell.

Name Animate Fingers

Level: 4th

Duration: concentration

Range: 60'

Vivimancers can cause finger muscles to randomly contract with this spell. The victim must save versus spells, failure results in dropping anything in hand. Spellcasters can not cast spells as long as the vivimancer concentrates. More powerful versions can animate limbs, the muscles of the mouth or torso.

Name Babbling Forest

Level: 7th

Duration: 72 hours

Range: 1 mile

The vivimancer causes trees, or giant mushrooms, to make the sounds of voices. The exact spots this happen are random and move about causing distraction in enemies. Those within the 1 mile diameter area of effect are much easier to suprise (1-5 on a d6) and can not sleep for the duration. The babbling will pass through mundane ear protection but will not penetrate an area of silence. There is no save versus this spell.

Name Beastly Horse

Level: 3th

Duration: 10 rounds

Range: 30'

This spell turns a horse into an ogre, which then attacks its rider. The horse gets a save versus spells and will revert when it dies or the spell's duration ends. Variants are needed to affect other mounts. Worgs and such are also affect by 3rd level versions. More powerful creatures need higher level spells and the resulting monster should also be more powerful. I suggest hill and stone giants.

Name Body of Ink

Level: 6th

Duration: 6 turns

Range: caster

The caster's body turns into an ooze black as pitch. It has several effects. The caster gains the stat block of a grey ooze except they keep their mind, they are invisible in shadows (as per Improved Invisibility) and they save versus cold at +4. The vivimancer may not cast any other spells until the duration ends (it can not be dispelled early).

Name Burst of Life Energy

Level: 8th

Duration: instantaneous

Range: 100'

This spell has saved and killed many parties. It produces a massive wave of healing energy that heals everything within range of 10d4+20 points of damage. That is friend and foe alike. Undead take that in damage, save versus