Combat Drone

Chris Van Deelen

than most Pure Humans , Humans (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 4: New Races ), or Mutant Humans , being only 5 months in length.  The young reach puberty in only 6 years’ time and appear to be fully grown by the time they reach 10.

Sometimes fighting prowess of other creatures ( Pure Humans in particular) will garner the attention of a male or female and they will actively pursue the target of their affections. They will attempt to impregnate or be impregnated by the individual who impressed them.  Offspring produced in such unions are always Combat Drones and never have any of the non-drone parent’s mutations or other attributes.

They possess a form of neural telepathy that works with members of their own ‘squad’ and has a range of 30 miles. Every member is linked to one another in an almost hive-like mind state and can even see through one another’s eyes. This makes them all that more deadly and efficient in combat. New members who join a squad will link up to this neural telepathy net in 1d4 weeks’ time. The downside is that this neural telepathy doesn’t work on other creatures, only on members of their own species.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons – spiked fists), combat empathy, increased physical attributes (dexterity), increased senses (hearing, sight), natural armour (special), neural telepathy (special), regeneration.

Source: Sanctuary Season 1 Episode: Warrior (2008)