City Killer Mark 2

Chris Van Deelen

that this was not the case.

These monsters make nest wherever they feel it is convenient, and lay 10d10 eggs. The nest can cover acres and acres or be in an area as small as several hundred square feet. Every creature is different.

This monster also stands out from the Mark 1 as it doesn’t necessarily have to destroy any large settlement that it comes across. Often, as stated above, this creature can be reasoned with, or simply bribed with massive amounts of food. There are even instances where one of these monsters has become a guardian for a particular community or city, attacking anyone or anything that threatened the community it has taken as its own.

In these rare instances the creature is never far, typically lying dormant in the water or even under the sand, hiding in the mountains, what have you until it feels that the community it is protecting is in danger.

Other times it will use the community as a nest, allowing the inhabitants to care for and feed its young. The young who hatch in such a community don’t attack the inhabitants, instead they expect to be fed and cared for, and they will protect the inhabitants.

In combat, this monster has several different methods of attack at its disposal. Like the Mark 1, nothing can withstand the onslaught of this monster. Buildings are toppled and reduced to rubble in a matter of a handful of rounds (typically 1d4+7 rounds) while anything that is stomped on by the creature has to save versus death or die outright. If the creature or target saves, that means it was able to get out from the path of the stomp.

Flying targets are attacked by biting and anything large or smaller in size has to save once again versus death or be swallowed whole. Creatures swallowed whole suffer 10d6 points of damage per round from the acid in the monsters stomach and would have to cause 150 points of damage (attacking AC 0) in order to cut their way out of the creature’s stomach.

Anything hit by the monsters tail has to save against death or be knocked 5d100 feet from the attack, withstanding another 1d6 damage per 10’ of distance knocked back.

Lastly, if the monster feels very threatened, it can unleash a powerful radioactive energy blast from its mouth. This blast can reach up to 5000’ and is shaped like a cone, which will affect everything in a 30’ radius. It can only use this breath weapon 4 times every 24 hours.

Mutations: Energy Ray (special), gigantism .

Source: The various incarnations of Godzilla