City Killer Mark 1

Chris Van Deelen

other times simply sending out their drones in order to hunt and bring back food for the mutant to consume. And these creatures need a great deal of food to survive. Entire communities have been completely wiped off the map by these monsters when they are on the hunt.

If tribes or communities get wind that one of these massive monsters is on its way, they evacuate as quickly as they can and run as far as they can, usually spreading out in all directions in order to assure that at least a few would survive to return to rebuild their homes. They realize the futility of trying to hide underground as the Drones would eventually get them.

Some speculate that these monsters return to the ocean once they have finished their mission (as that is the only way to describe their need to destroy cities), while others believe that once their job is done, they nest in the rubble of the once great metropolis and goes into a sort of hibernation, only to awaken decades or even centuries later to continue to seek out and destroy cities.

If they reproduce, no one has ever been able to discover this. There are those who speculate that the Drones are in fact the offspring of the creature itself, and that if it is ever somehow destroyed, that one or more of the drones will undergo a metamorphosis and grow into a new monster. Once again, however, no records exist to prove or disprove this speculation.

There are typically 100 Drones inside one of these monsters and if they are killed, they are replaced at the rate of 1d12 per day (as the monster regrows replacements).

If this monster is intelligent, no one has ever been able to discover this. All attempts at communication are flat-out ignored and those who have used telepathy on the creature know that it is capable of communication with the drones via a hive mind, but have never been able to get anything more than signals of hunger, pain, anger or the like from it, and these are more empathic feelings than actual telepathic communications.

Mutations: Drones, gigantism, natural armour, neural telepathy

Source: Cloverfield (2008)