Chew Wasps

Chris Van Deelen

st century.

These small creatures engage in combat by swarming a target. For every ten individual creatures in a swarm, they gain a +1 to hit and the damage inflicted is multiplied by 5. For example, a swarm consists of 47, and as such the swarm will gain a +4 to hit and the damage they inflict will be 1d3x20. Once again individually they are not much of a threat but a swarm will strip a body of all flesh in a matter of seconds. The easiest way to deal with a swarm is to use area affect weapons. A swarm will cover a 5’ square for every ten individuals. By targeting the area an attacker will be able to spread the damage done over a group, instead of single targets. Often defenders will not have this luxury.

Even after the initial breach, these creatures and others were infrequently spotted in the city and the surrounding lands around New York. It seems that the apparatus that created the rift in the first place either weakened the fabric of the barrier or occasionally would activate for a short period of time and allow these monsters to come through. Fortunately the creatures that spew forth find Terra Firma to be hostile and cannot survive for long, typically lasting only 1d3+4 weeks before succumbing to whatever they find toxic.

The easiest way to destroy an infestation of these monsters however is to subject them to sunlight or Ultraviolet radiation. If these creatures ever encounter either, they must make a saving throw versus death or be killed instantly. Even if they survive the initial saving throw they will suffer 1d6 points of damage every round they are exposed to either.

Mutations: Aberrant Form (natural weapons), vulnerability to ultraviolet radiation (d)

Source: Repairman Jack series of novels.