Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 4
HD: 8
Attacks: 1 physical attack or mutation
Damage: by weapon or see description
Save: L8
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: I, III, V, VIII, XV

Russia was one of the major superpowers during the final years of the Ancients. They were on par with the United states and China when it came to the economy and technological advances that were so prevalent during that period of time.

But as with the other major powers, there was a darker side to the country. With the mounting tensions and the rampant arms-race between various global powers, Russia delved into the creation of genetically modified soldiers to combat the terrorists and other threats that began to appear on an almost daily basis.

The scientists needed test subjects and what better subjects to use other than criminals and prisoners of war?  So a program began where the Russians began genetic modifications to imbue their soldiers with powerful telekinetic abilities. Unfortunately the test subjects were kept alive and when the radioactive dust of the final wars settled, these subjects and many others escaped captivity and found their way into the ruined world.

Stunted and twisted by the experiments performed on their ancestors, these diminutive mutants still somehow managed to survive and spread across the ruined country and within several generations were found all across the battered European countries. It is rumoured that they even managed to spread across to Alaska and into Northern Canada as well, but this has yet to be substantiated.

The average mutant is only three feet in height and weighs about seventy pounds. Both males and females are universally ugly and possess twisted and evil-appearing features. When they talk it is in a deep baritone and rather gravelly to the ears. They have the same life-spans of pure humans and regular humans, and reach sexual maturity around the same time. The females have the same nine month gestation period and give birth to twins (never more, never less) although they are not all that physically imposing, their possession of powerful psionic mutations make up for what they lack in physical prowess.

These creatures always dress in black, preferring long full-body robes or trench coats. They usually go bare-foot or make due with improvised sandals. The clothing they wear contain numerous pockets (almost always on the inside), where they store their possessions and other goods.

They are not friendly by any stretch of the imagination. The experiments performed on their ancestors twisted their minds making these mutants hateful and resentful to all other humans, and even other mutant humans. They live in small communities of their own kind, always deep underground or in ruins and prey upon travelers and potential treasure hunters or seekers who dare venture into their lands. Although they are not cannibalistic due to mutation, they make a habit of eating anyone they catch and leaving the picked-clean skeletons out in the open as a warning to would be trespassers.

They are very cowardly though and even if one of their